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One of the things that has really improved in the Domain Space is data and tools.  We have more data, presented by different websites and apps than ever before. See our Domain Tools and Services section of the DN.BIZ directory for more.

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Are you a website operator or builder who wants to pay for a name while you operate the business? Are you a broker/investor who would like to take down and control a name with a 10% down payment and 5 year 0% interest financing? Check out my take on names.club.

So join Page for a little Peach Cobbler and domain names. Page is looking for some new Geo Combos today, and some made-up brandables.

Soapbox - Big Tent Domaining and Peach Cobbler

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One of the things that has really improved in the Domain Space is data and tools.  We have more data, presented by different websites and apps than ever before. See our Domain Tools and Services section of the DN.BIZ directory for more.

Todays feature

Welcome to the DN.BIZ Blog

So why another industry blog and why am I writing again.  Well you will see more than just a blog on DN.BIZ, i’ll be producing content in quite a few formats, but as to the blog, thanks for coming in. Why.. you ask?

I think we under-serve the general public on information about domain names, maybe on purpose.

Because I think we can do a better job maximizing the value of domain names for the whole industry.

Because of the generally nice feedback and appreciation I receive at shows and in messages and phone calls about my time on Domain … Read the rest

After the Drop 7/30/2019

Multi-Day Post, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6.

WeShareThePlanet.com – Earth friendly name for any marketing effort

CustomHomeStore.com – Huge spending category

inherita.com – really strong brandable for inheritance planning

MediaSpinners.com – Elections news is everywhere

CachetRealEstate.com – Premium Real Estate

SeattleSites.com – Nice Directory name for large web aware city.

SouthlandTrailer.com –  Geo Product name

VarietyIsTheSpiceOfLife.com  – isn’t that true, especially in domains

LargeScanners.com – probably sell for large prices

BestGamingHeadsets.com – Esports trends helps here

LovingThyNeighbor.com – Do it, every day.

ToCloseForComfort.com – oop forgot a “o” maybe brandable

BourbonDrinks.com – Recipes for drinks searched … Read the rest

Domainers Portfolios after Passing Away

Deceased Domain Name Owner

So I know this isn’t the best topics to think about, but a recent sale of a premium name from a domainer who had passed away reminded me of my own estate planning for my names and issues around managing domains when the owner or contact passes away.  I thought I would share with you some background, and my thoughts and recommendations.

Ill do this article in three parts, for our three types of viewers and readers. First I’ll cover domain ownership issues for every domain owner, or manager. Then I’ll cover what i think would … Read the rest

After the Drop 7/23/2019

from the last few days, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6.

weddingphotographynearme.com  – these near me have high CPC

cryptocurrencyvaluations.com   – nice site for lists

vegasgangsters.com    either old or new

outdoorcarcover.com   needed

samplepressreleases.com    good to copy off of

ideasfordates.com    needed, !

finddoctornearme.com  see above

harrydeanstanton.com  much admired action – fansite?

selfsuffice.com  – then your not a drain on anyone else

crosswordpuzzled.com  what you do when having trouble with cword puzzle

paystudentloanoff.com  – please!

sleevelesshoodies.com  –  think the Rock

camochairs.com  – no one will see you

bereavementcounselor.com  needed

gettingbonded.com  important for workers, contractors

cloudfares.com two big words

chicagosbestrestaurants.comRead the rest

Want More Offers – Buy Better Names.

Negotiating Domain Name Prices with Buyers
Are you not getting enough offers. You may be looking at the cost side too closely and only buyer cheaper names, and names you can get. Since everyone else could have got those names, your not getting offers.  Buy Better Names.
If your in domaining to haggle and negotiate with buyers, buy better names. A good 1-3k name bought at wholesale might produce 5-10 leads a month. Now everyone wants to buy this type of name for $50, and then wait for the leads to engage buyers. It probably wont happen with lessor … Read the rest

How Many Domains Should I Own ?

How Many Domains Should I Own?

So another take on the 1 to 2% portfolio turnover number that is thrown around quite a bit, is to reverse the numbers to determine how many domains you should own.

An owner with 1000 names should sell about 10-20 a year. Now I’m looking at this in the real domaining sense of end user sales at full price. So this is buy it now off landing pages or in aftermarkets or inbound inquiries.
If your selling wholesale, or quick flip or closeout you should be doing 5-10%, if your a full time domainer … Read the rest

After the Drop 7/1/2019


50PlusForum.com Sounds better than over 50
DogNaming.com How to name your dog, active verb
Ellicott-City.com Maryland Place 75k Pop.
Festoony.com Resembling a festoon…….
HedgeFundTV.com Nice demographic
HowMuchForCarInsurance.com Let users find out if you own this name.
IndianapolisDailyNews.com Sounds like a paper
OutdoorDiner.com Maybe a TV show or blog of best spots outdoors
VirtualAssistantTV.com Learn how to hire a VA
MetaShed.com Sheds are big and this one is Meta
Website2020.com Coming soon
MuncieDaily.com Indiana City of 70k
MarketsCrash.com And when they do this site will be big
MotorcycleInsuranceCheap.com Sure
Novelizing.com Making novels
OneDollarHomes.com Now that’s a price I
Read the rest

After the Drop 6/13/2019

SlangDict.com Like Urban, abbreviated, nice info site.
ManinMyLife.com May not need one with this domain….
MaxTheNet.com Sure
MosquitoShields.com Protect Yourself
NorthArkansasRealEstate.com 1/2 of a state
Noticie.com Sounds french
OldHouseNewHouse.com Covers them all.
OnlineInsuranceQuotation.com Big Time CPC $60+
OnlinePlayersClub.com Gaming Name
OnlineVirusScans.com I need one
PrivateDine.com Exclusive opportunities, experiences are big
ProgrammaticAdvertiser.com Ill buy this one if free 24 hours later
PsychicsOnline.net Big stats
PsychologyExperiment.com Sometime these are paid
Commensurately.com One Word, positive fairness, equity pay
CostumeForDogs.com Do they really like them?
DirectionalAnalysis.com Sounds cool
FlashingLogos.com Hey lookie here
FoodSafetyUpdate.com Update on scares, warnings
ForeignLanguageService.com High Engagement value
FranchiseGyms.com Lots of
Read the rest

Uniregistry Expired Names Now Available at Dynadot

Low profile launch, unpublicized test or New Expired Names Stream?  Either way, I’m liking the selection so far, although at $50 more like Namejet aspirations, than Godaddy.

See our video on buying expired domains at Dynadot.com

What are Expired Names Auctions?

One of the best places to buy domain name inventory is through expired names auctions.  Although right off the bat, realize your buying someones trash, they didn’t think it was even worth renewing for $10-12.  But for many reasons, business closings, cash position of the owners and mistakes; expired names make up a big part of the wholesale … Read the rest

Special .io Available after the Drop

So with the recent $68,000 swipe.io sale, some of you may need some .io inventory.

Almost everything taken but here is a top 10 from todays’ drop. Ill wait 24 hours before registering the ones i want.  Lowest price at Namecheap and Dynadot from my research.

Todays’ best .io domain names available after the drop.

FuelCell.io   Emerging Technology seems to fit .io extension

Ponk.io with llll, 1 word pronounceable is the best.

HackySack.io popular and well known game, and thus word.

Genderless.io    Progressive type word

ailawyer.io Shows a tech connection for an attorney in AI

Birdbath.io Perfect for software, online … Read the rest