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So join Page for a little Peach Cobbler and domain names. Page is looking for some new Geo Combos today, and some made-up brandables.

Soapbox - Big Tent Domaining and Peach Cobbler

One of the things that has really improved in the Domain Space is data and tools.  We have more data, presented by different websites and apps than ever before. See our Domain Tools and Services section of the DN.BIZ directory for more.


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What Will O.com Fetch? Money and/or a new Operator for .Com?


Greg Thomas penned a post in CircleID today about the process, and potential future outcomes of the rushed O.com auction process. He concludes:

it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that hoping intransigence will result in an outcome other than a full competition review of .com — a long-overdue follow-up to DOJ’s 2012 analysis which has already been requested by U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee — is putting a lot of shareholder value at risk…….

The point being the auction of O.com, as a door opener for the remaining one character domain names, could be a door … Read the rest

DropHunters Holiday. No .com pending delete today.


I used to think this might happen around a leap day, or it could be a latent effect of the grace period extension Verisign offered, or conspiracy theorists will say they held back all the names….

As best as i can tell, no drops. Nothing on the dynadot search for today, and expireddomanis.net and the snap best of the drop is empty.

But for those of you with a hole in your day to to fill, sit back, take a sip, call a friend….or maybe godaddy auctions will get a bump today.

for me, im hitting golf balls from 12-2, … Read the rest

Breaking: Verisign Extends Redemption Fee Waivers and Adds .TV and .CC

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Verisign just announced on their blog they will extend the wholesale redemption fee waiver for .com and .net domain names until August 1, 2020.  They will also add .TV and .CC and their other TLDs starting June 1.

From their post:

…we are announcing today that the waiver of the wholesale restore fee for .com and .net domain names is extended until August 1, 2020 at 03:59:59 UTC.

We are also expanding the waiver of the wholesale restore fees to include the .cc, .tv,…
Source:VerisIGN Blog 5/28/2020

So this means that names that have survived any pre-release auctions that actually … Read the rest

Eye on the Outside World, Squawk Alley. Google, Zoom, Forever Changes, and Hope; “No One Says, I Want My Life to Suck..”


For 35 years I’ve been watching and learning from Financial News on TV.  Whether FNN in the early days, or CNBC today; I’ve lived the Crashes, ups and downs and seen hundreds of interviews with the smartest business and investing minds.

A good DVR has allowed me to catch the early interviews with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and others.  But at 10 AM CST each day,  I get Squawk Alley.  The name comes from a combination of popular Squawk Box show in the mornings, and the “Silicon Alley” moniker given the NYC internet companies in the first bubble 1999-2001.… Read the rest

Redemption Fee Waivers and CV Emergency – Should We Stop Expired Names Auctions?


OPINION  by H. Page Howe

This may not be a popular post, but it feels right.

I think we should defer expired name auctions as an industry for 60 days… and stop pending deletes right away.  Just delay, they still come up in the current way 60 days from now.

Verisign has announced it will reduce the wholesale redemption fee for names in redemption period.

Other registrars have agreed to waive the Registrar markup-up or charge for the extra year plus a little. So in a normal, post grace period restoration, you had the Verisign Fee, plus a registrar markup. … Read the rest

I Don’t Agree with Decisions about Registering and Marketplace De-Listing of Domains


Re-Marketplaces Doing Anti-Domainer Work for Them

By H. Page Howe – Opinion

By dropping corona virus or Covid-19 names from marketplaces or registrars, we are arming our detractors, the TM/IP industry and those that would retroactively try to claim our names, by hinting at confirmation that you may being doing something wrong by simply owning a generic word domain name.

Mind you you haven’t done anything to warrant fraud or suspicious behavior.   I don’t want a company to say I can’t list my name for sale, or accept inquiries, even though I haven’t built a website, and are just holding … Read the rest