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Trying to sell your domain name?

Some Movie Clips that remind me of selling domain names.

So you might have thought i might show you some videos about how to sell a domain name, yes we have these, check out our series. But these are the videos and images i think of when explaining what selling domain names is like.

Ever tried to sell to a broker, or wholesale buyer. (Warning Profanity if in Office or Family)


and the key foundational video about selling domain names, liquidity and some of the buyers you will meet when you try outbound.

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After the Drop April 3

The best hand register and curated domain names left after the drop.

420Meal.com    its 420 somewhere…….
BestBalanceTransferCards.com  $10 + click
Vouchsafing.com  i think a security word, check spelling.
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TLD Marketing Pages History

Part II – This continued post comes from the .Monster launch comments

I have been around the New Tld space since 1998 when if first saw the chatter about .web. I pre-registered some and thought what a great chance to own some brands in a non .com. Its hard to imagine with only tens of millions of names registered in .com at that time, it still seemed like everything was taken.

Well I never got my .web’s, maybe my pre-registrations are still good. Watching the process led me to start an application for .kids, and start a registry solutions company … Read the rest

TLD Marketing Thank You Daniel Negari and .Monster

So isn’t it nice to see some marketing (besides registrar channel and price discounting)  for a New Tld. Even if it was an April Fools Day Launch, it shows what could be done. Congratulations.  Domain Gang says monster went over 2 million names. (sic) but every day is April Fools Day at Domain Gang. The truth is, its not so outlandish, it really might have possible  If it were a tld, I do think it will go over 5000 if they don’t discount pricing.

If I was buying some, I could at least say I was buying into a club … Read the rest

After the Drop April 2

Heres todays best of the drop, still available at post time.

NashvilleDominatrix.com now that’s a Geo Service Name.
ArlingtonHeightsAttorney.com City of 75K, good legal geo.
BakersfieldMedia.com city and region
CaliforniaInsurances.com You need lots of them these days.
CheyenneMedia.com Media is a great ending.
CoachellaValleyAttorney.com So LA is a series of Valley’s , here one.
EasternCarolinaRealEstate.com Region name taken in 116 .coms, 3 other tlds.
GreekIslandsYachtCharter.com Nice travel, maybe trade for a trip.?
GreekIslandsYachtCharters.com Nice travel, maybe trade for a trip.?
Hearingless.com One word,  kinda.
Jurisprudences.com A little longer than laws, but that’s makes it brandable.
LasVegasPlumbingServices.com Geo Service
LongislandCommercialRealty.com Big
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After the Drop 4 1 2019

So is there anything left after the drop, anything at all worth registering. I think so. Welcome to After the Drop.

Each day ill show you what i think are some reasonable speculations.  Did you shoot too low and not get into auctions for great names? Are you sure you going to get outbid?  Did you crash early last night and just look and names with bids already.   Do you have a full time job and cant do domaining during the day.

Ill post at 4.30 CST each day some prospects that made it thru the drop.  Registrar wherever you … Read the rest