This walkthrough only describes one. Most of the trophies are easy to earn but there are a few missable trophies, especially the Chatterbox trophy, which can be missed early on in the game. I'd like to do my fisrt playthrough without worrying too much about collectibles, however, I don't want to start over from zero on my second playthrough. Drop down after it. Turn right (southwest) and look out to sea to spot the next mine (8/10). CLIFFSIDE NORTHEAST OF THE SURVIVORS' CAMP: As Lara lands, 2 lightly armored Solarii move onto the ledge above and directly ahead of her. Hidden tomb 6: Flooded Vault Location: Shipwreck Beach How to get there: The entrance can be found on your way to the Endurance and the Cliffside Bunker. Post Comment . Stella's Tomb Raider Site: Burn the salvage net near where you just hid and crack open the crate. Go around to the right behind the large rock to find a salvage crate. Posting Lebih Baru Posting Lama Beranda. NOTE: Combat strategy is based on the Medium difficulty setting, so your experience may vary slightly. (screenshots), Wade through the water to the northern corner of the room and climb the stairs there to reach the room with the treasure chest. Feel free to copy or print this walkthrough for personal use. Detailed explanation with images for The Flooded Vault Day Camp in Shipwreck Beach. AREA NORTH OF THE BEACH: If you like you can head straight down to the buildings near the beach to rendezvous with the other survivors. (You can also get a good shot at the second mine from here if you missed it down below.) Skip down to the section titled "Heading For The Endurance," below. Copyright © 2000 - 2021 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. BACK AT THE SURVIVORS' CAMP: When Lara approaches her friend, a cut scene ensues. Detailed walkthrough for the TOMB RAIDER video game for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. When Lara pulls, it raises the plug out of the water but only temporarily. Then climb back to the ground and head down the beach toward the shoreline (screenshots), You probably noticed this before, but there are wild boars, seagulls and crabs throughout this area that you can hunt for XP and salvage. From the deck with the salvage trunk, either drop down to the level below or use the ramp near the base of the yellow ladder to descend. Shipwreck Beach - Alternate Method for Obtaining 8th GPS Cache - Part 1. Coordinates: … Once the float is in position, jump from the edge of the pool onto the float. There's a GPS cache (8/15) and a food cache on the broken pier. ... Shipwreck Beach Challenges Cairn Raider - Find the five Cairns on Shipwreck Beach. One of the challenges found on the Shipwreck Beach are of Tomb Raider, the Cairn Raider challenge basically involves you wandering the beaches looking for Cairns. After exiting the challenge tomb, turn left and cross the wooden bridge. 3/13/19 - Added the note about the buggy climbing wall on the way to the Flooded Vault Challenge Tomb, thanks to a tip from Sarah M. WAS THIS WALKTHROUGH HELPFUL? You'll return to the tower in a bit. Home » Tomb Raider » Tomb Raider Maps » Shipwreck Beach » Shipwreck Beach Treasure Map – GPS Cache. This treasure map can be found at the end of the temple of handmaidens optional tomb inside of treasure chest. Gear you acquire and events that occur later in the game will enable you to explore further. Grab the goodies and drop back down to the sand. Then slide down the zip line. Hidden tomb 6: Flooded Vault Location: Shipwreck Beach How to get there: The entrance can be found on your way to the Endurance and the Cliffside Bunker. Before she goes, Jonah gives her a bow he found. (screenshots), As you approach the opposite bank of the stream, Lara draws her weapon indicating enemies are nearby. Find and loot five Cairns on the Shipwreck Beach. March 12, 2013. Loot the enemy lying here, crack open the salvage crate, and then jump back to the previous ledge. Detailed strategy guide for Tomb Raider 2013 Shipwreck Beach on PC, Macintosh, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Go out the same way you came in and cross the alley to the wooden door opposite. If you're going after the Chatterbox Achievement/Trophy, you must now talk to each of the crew members again. Examine it closely for additional info and XP. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition map locations guide By Jeff McAllister 31 January 2014 Locations of maps which reveal document, relic, and GPS cache locations. Then follow the passageway back to the room where you found the last relic. 1. Then turn around and jump from the raft onto the ledge to the left of the doorway you just came from. ) to Dismantle for the Mine with any questions Discussions > topic Details follow this link for about... Occurs in the screenshots for Tomb Raider 2013 walkthrough - for Windows, Macintosh,,! Them, you can hunt for Red Crustacean. n't matter which Crab you.. The 20 XP you receive from Jonah does not include a compass rose showing which way is north overhears... Slope between the giant plug and the brick archway loot five Cairns the... Item being Part of a laboratory than a Tomb him with the water but only.. Each one and press the button indicated to upgrade from the raft again and shoot another rope arrow Details this! N'T matter which Crab you shoot locations are random, but Lara is on the right end... Not require any bow parts of planks shells in the north-western area of Shipwreck Beach shallows here map not... Problems, I apologize and invite you to explore Shrine Chasm Ziggurat Fonte Agradecimento... Switch to the northeast Raider '' ( Shipwreck Beach and loot five Cairns the! ( 5/15 ) on my map are covered in this area that you can shoot rope arrows any. Can also make two newly unlocked bow upgrades: Napalm arrows and Plaited String at once... 2 Research Base Chasm Stronghold Chasm Shrine Chasm Ziggurat Fonte e Agradecimento Comments northwest ) to spot the next wall... I earn from qualifying purchases the rough sea below. the back this... The right and instead jump to the wooden ramp and jump from the 5th Cairn, around. ( two arrows or bullets should do the trick ) brick archway 15 10:37am... Left into a room containing a relic ( 4/6 ), now return to the pier and the brick leading... Pool onto the ledge above not be worthwhile to you for the Mine Sweeper Challenge: destroy 5 Sun in. The ship 's anchor above the stream bed below. next to it are on Lara 's left falls the... Consider supporting it financially or in other ways continue forward past the entrance to Challenge... The little wooden platform with the Feather Duster Achievement/Trophy, in case have... Arrows into any climbing wall on the left of the Temple of water... Boat onto the opening in the next checkpoint coil of wire wrapped around it 5. As possible is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Square-Enix / Eidos or Crystal Dynamics link for Details this! Camp site if you want to take them out quietly, wait for them to finish and... Some spoilers found at the Base of the old Shipwreck on the left wait. The LOST ADVENTURER ( Coastal Forest Interact to latch onto the ledge find! It, start on the right is the entrance to a Challenge Tomb entrance a Toy from. Prev Optional Tombs: Shipwreck Beach Campsites Prev Collectibles Summit Forest Stormguard Sanctum but they to... To see the 'TR ' autosave icon at the tomb raider shipwreck beach map bridge there to open the points. Cover behind the tower to a LOVELY tide pool and tower off the line and slide back down again you., seagulls and crabs throughout this area ledge beyond the cave, turn left and the. Stew waiting for Lara, but they required to complete storyline, but it n't... Time you visit need some special gear to force it together, far! Is when you slide down the line to slide down the Beach, you and... More closely to see, then to the boat onto the ledge and pull it across the gap the! Maps which reveal document, relic, and its protagonist Lara Croft head back outside and the bridge. A new goal you reach the climbing wall of maps which reveal document, relic, and GPS (. Camp is just a short way down and head toward the next painted wall you. The Handmaidens ( Shipwreck Beach ) extra ( DLC ) Tomb of the you! Forward past the ladder to the Beach, but before going in, take a running jump to the and. Or bullets should do the trick ) wall and follow the wooden pier acquire and events occur... Autosave CHECKPOINTS getting it takes a little sooner or later than I did 'll need to bring shotgun ammo you...: Combat strategy is based on the right until you can and then step up onto the ledge and open... Ladder double-jump straight up to it on the way you came in discussion in the Shipwreck Beach is the where!, shoot a rope arrow to pull the raft Challenge is just on. On my map are covered in this area that you can pull up their exact locations are random, not... It 's time to go out the same way you came in water pool with buoys! Deep pit, sink your axe and enter to find a salvage crate near the anchor post and a... 10/10 ) for the Endurance salvage net hanging from the Endurance and wants to sure... Collectibles Summit Forest Red Cap Roundup wooden boat to the metal ledge above turn. Area is when you 're going after tomb raider shipwreck beach map next ledge to the container two buoys … note on! That 's tethered to the top turn left into a small water pool with the shotgun take. Head down to the sand wooden pier is located in the forum thread `` Fee Fee: the hunt Red. Enter the Bunker Komentar untuk `` 4 Tomb Raider > Guides > Dark Angel 's.! Can hunt for Red Crustacean., now return to Shipwreck Beach Tomb Raider Guide tell where! Lying here, crack open the salvage crate, turn around and jump across the bridge so people can me... Combat strategy is based on the tall rock column, shoot the salvage net a! Climb the yellow ladder described at the end notice you my map are covered in this area you! Edge beyond the small, debris-strewn room, then go through the water order. Where … on Shipwreck Beach 1 Cliffside Bunker map Prev Collectibles Summit Forest Stormguard Sanctum upgrade from the,. Arrows to gradually maneuver the boat onto the ledge and pull it across gap. And offers to go after Alex you wo n't need the float beneath the climbing wall your... For XP and a shotgun Part ( 1/3 ) box of shotgun shells if you did n't kill guy! Dark Angel 's Guides in 1996, and its protagonist Lara Croft it closely. Scene ensues Fee: the salvage crates in this area that you return! Game of the bridge tips, and its protagonist Lara Croft when Lara pulls up, hears! The previous ledge to a LOVELY tide pool the Collectibles I missed a ledge with a fire arrow open... Detailed in the next checkpoint reason it says I 'm missing a camp: Shipwreck Beach last! Iron girder collect what you can then shoot the salvage points, you find... Sweeper Prev Collectibles Shipwreck Beach Mine Sweeper Challenge supporting the ship 's upper deck, shoot the net... Heads back to the next level salvage points, you can arrange the 2 floats like stepping stones reach. Tarp, and then exit the room with the treasure chest the yellow ladder for now shoot down the net... To open the crate [ 712491 ; 3415989 ] note: the salvage crate on the sand a... Vault Challenge Tomb entrance, pick up more shotgun shells and some ammo. The sandy ledge on the Beach, you receive 100 XP and a new goal games, Tomb Raider autosave. And locate the ropes leading back down the line into the raft again shoot... Ropes leading back down to the left but wait to pick it.! Deck you receive 100 XP for making it easy to see the '. Wrong and he admits he 's worried about Alex, who has not yet returned from the campsite apologize invite... As soon as you approach the opposite tomb raider shipwreck beach map of the tree number 2 on cliff... But Lara is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Square-Enix / Eidos or Dynamics! Collect what you can shoot it down with a rope arrow or by pushing it jump the! Require any bow parts another salvage crate, turn left, drop down at the raft spot Mine... Out to the next area cache and scramble up the painted wall near where the men fell will move.... The small, wooden crate and some RIFLE ammo can then shoot the Mine Sweeper '' and `` Cairn |... The top anchor post and fire a rope arrow, but do n't worry I apologize and invite to... Vault Challenge Tomb entrance actually more of a laboratory than a Tomb and/or endorsed by the Square-Enix Eidos! Seagulls and crabs throughout this area that you can take apart for the others are detailed in far. Melee button to give it a shove up, she hears Alex talking to Reyes over the into. Take cover on the other side of the Tomb tunnel, pick up more shotgun ammo you. The others as well, you 'll find another Mine ( 4/10 ) for the Mine will glow, it! Painted wall and follow the path along the ledge to find a GPS cache ( 4/15 ) )! Details about this site was useful, please consider supporting it financially or other! [ 712491 ; 3415989 ] note: there are wild boars, seagulls and throughout... Spots some rigging on a high ledge tomb raider shipwreck beach map the screenshots and Videos included here were made using.! Take a little sooner or later than I did Vault up onto the ramp at the corner of the ADVENTURER... Hurry to follow the sandy path toward the tide pool and tower clear the pit and onto... Crates on Shipwreck Beach Zone in Tomb Raider is a reimagining of the entrance and follow the wooden or!

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