RELATED: 10 Best New Pokémon of the Galar Region. Make full use of that already high speed. HOLD ITEMS. Since you outspeed Thundurus (and obviously Urshifu), you can fire off a Dazzling Gleam, knocking out Choice Band Urshifu or leaving the Focus Sash varieties teetering on death with a single hit point that the sandstorm set by Regirock’s Max Rockfall … Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra Regieleki moves, abilities, and EV spreads for VGC 2021 Crown Tundra. Moltres-G failed to deal enough damage with my EV spread. After watching Wolfey's team report I was impressed by what his regi could accomplish so I used his ev spread. It is known as the Electron Pokémon. This makes it the fastest Pokémon in the game, outspeeding even Deoxys in … AuraChannelerChris It's potion time! Def; 252 Spe; It will already hit hard and be super fast so keep up that special attack and speed. Snarl – Decent option to reduce the offensive pressure exerted by opposing Special attackers. As for the EV spread, you will want 252 special attack for sure. At minimum, all EV spreads will avoid a Special Attack boost from Porygon2's Download. Protect – Default filler that allows players to ward off Fake Out and scout for opposing intentions. Johto Gender Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra Regieleki moves, abilities, and EV spreads for VGC 2020 Crown Tundra. This is as standard as it gets for a Thundurus moveset and EV spread, but it is standard for a good reason after all. EV Spreads 252 HP / 100 Def / 156 Spe with Bold: This EV spreads outspeeds up to Timid Celesteela, while giving Suicune good physical bulk. At 200, Regieleki has the highest Speed base stat of any Pok Defiant (an ability you can read more about here ) makes Thundurus an incredibly strong deterrent against Intimidate and other stat dropping attacks, but it is even more threatening in a Dynamax format where so many Max Moves cause stat drops. Nov 13, 2020 #2,411 Are we sure Bea and Mustard aren't related. Electrotela, Rayo and more! Gonna go see how I should set it up later. Defense: Placed to survive an Earthquake from Landorus with 252 Atk. Most notable and possible best moves for Regieleki. Then I learned that Regieleki is one of two Pokemon that can learn both Rapid Spin and Electro Ball (the other being … A member of the Regi family ( Regirock, Regice, Registeel, etc) and is the fastest Regi of them all. If I keep it jolly or any other speed boosting nature with 252 EVs in speed won't it be an overkill? The best nature for Regieleki is going to be Modest, which increases special attack and decreases attack. Pokemon Home App - QXUBFNDCKXFG. One of the most surprising reveals from its DLC, however, was the … regieleki stats. I am just looking to touch trade both of them, which means I will trade both of them back to you. This EV spread allows Tapu Koko to outspeed max Speed Jolly Thundurus by 1 point, ensuring that you always have the Speed advantage. Regieleki has many different benchmarks to go for. Whether this is your first time playing the format, or you just ran out of ideas, in this VGC 2020-2021 Rental Teams compilation you will find a diverse archive of proven teams ready to use in Pokémon Sword and Shield and online battle simulators.. All teams have been credited to their respective creators, and those active on Twitter are linked as well. Volt switch to get in and out and hit hard while doing so. It has a lot of speed but the moves it can learn doesn’t give it much room for type coverage. Shiny: Yes. Each Pokemon has perfect 6IVs. Its ability is basically a built-in choice specs so give it an actual choice specs and it hits even harder. You will be using this mon as a special attacker so reduce attack and raise speed. After the disastrous testing, I opted to keep Regieleki and ditch Moltres-G. NEW Expansion Pass early-purchase bonus! Srheeropercent 9 months ago #2. User Info: Super_Broly93. Urshifu Regieleki Tapu Koko Abomasnow Ninetales-Alola Lapras Glastrier Landorus-Therian Mamoswine Weavile. Cutoff numbers refer to Glicko ratings on Pokemon Showdown. IV Spread: 31/31/31/31/31/31. This is a strategy guide for using Toxapex in competitive play for the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Timid Nature ( 0/0/0/252/4/252 ) Modest Nature ( 60/0/164/236/12/36 ) Optimize Regieleki's EV spread for Pokemon Sword and Shield Allows Galarian Moltres to adopt more bulky EV spreads. Allows Spectrier to adopt more bulky EV spreads. Ev Spread. Arctovish is a notable Water and Ice-typed Pokemon. Regieleki is one of the Legendary Pokemon that came with The Crown Tundra expansion in Pokemon Sword and Shield. EV yield. 50 External Links. Regieleki @ Normal Gem Ability: Transistor Nature: Timid (+Spe, -Atk) EV Spread: 48 Atk/208 SpA/252 Spe - Rapid Spin - Electro Ball - Acrobatics/Extreme Speed - Volt Switch. Reactions: Ophie, Carrick2097 and WishIhadaManafi5. My first regi set was more offensive and slower, it could do alot of damage but it struggled against aposing regieleki. About Regieleki's EV Spread. If you plan to have a Pokemon that sets up Electric Terrain then go Rising Voltage instead. Super_Broly93 9 months ago #3. Filler . For sale is a guide to obtain a 6IV Ultra / Square Shiny Regidrago or Regieleki for Pokemon Sword and Shield. I am just simply looking for a Regidrago & a Glastrier to help fill out my Dex. Leuler's Tauschbasar ~ Biete: Shiny-Fossile, Legis der DLCs uvm ~|~ Suche: Shiny-Regieleki/drago. This would give Regieleki some bulk to survive another attack, and some speed to outspeed Choice Scarf Pokemon. Electro Ball ; Volt Switch; Thunder Cage; Ancient Power; Regieleki is fast and a good fit for electro ball, which increases in power the faster the attacker is to the target. I switched Assault Vest in favor of Weakness Policy. With their release came a bevy of new Pokémon that quickly became fan favorites. firedarkIntimidateBlaze Shuca BerrySitrus BerryFigy BerryAguav BerryIapapa Berry Assault Vest Safety Goggles Other Fake OutFlare BlitzParting ShotTauntSnarlDarkest LariatU-turn Protect Other, waterfairyMisty SurgeTelepathy LeftoversWiki BerrySitrus Berry Choice Specs Aguav Berry Life Orb Weakness Policy Other Muddy WaterMoonblastProtectCalm MindDazzling GleamScaldOther, iceChilling NeighAssault VestLife OrbWeakness PolicyLum Berry Expert Belt White Herb Other High HorsepowerIcicle CrashClose CombatHeavy SlamProtectIcicle SpearOther, grassGrassy SurgeOvergrow Choice BandAssault VestMiracle SeedRose Incense Coba Berry Other Grassy GlideWood HammerU-turnFake OutHigh HorsepowerKnock OffProtectOther, electricTransistorChoice SpecsMagnetFocus SashLight ClayLife Orb Other ElectrowebThunderboltVolt SwitchProtectElectro BallLight ScreenReflectHyper BeamOther, fightingdarkUnseen FistFocus SashChoice BandOther Wicked BlowClose CombatSucker PunchProtectDetectPoison JabOther, normalDownloadTrace Analytic EvioliteOther RecoverTrick RoomTri AttackIce BeamAlly SwitchEerie ImpulseShadow BallOther, groundflyingIntimidateAssault VestLife OrbLum BerryWhite Herb Choice Scarf Choice Band Other EarthquakeFlyRock SlideU-turnSwords DanceProtectSuperpowerOther, darkfairyPranksterPickpocket Frisk Light ClayLagging TailFull IncenseBabiri Berry Other Spirit BreakReflectLight ScreenFake TearsTrickFake OutTauntThunder Wave Other, grasspoisonRegeneratorEffect Spore Focus SashCoba BerryIron Ball Other SporeRage PowderProtectSludge BombClear SmogPollen PuffOther, electricflyingStaticPressure Life OrbAssault VestSafety Goggles Choice Scarf Wiki Berry Other HurricaneHeat WaveThunderboltProtectVolt SwitchDetectRoostOther, ghostFriskPressure EvioliteOther Trick RoomNight ShadePain SplitHazeWill-O-WispAlly SwitchBulldozeBrick Break Other, fightingwaterUnseen FistFocus SashChoice Band Mystic Water Other Surging StrikesClose CombatAqua JetDetectProtectOther, darkflyingBerserkWeakness PolicyLife OrbSafety Goggles Sitrus Berry Expert Belt Other Fiery WrathProtectNasty PlotAir SlashHurricaneOther, ghostGrim NeighLife OrbFocus SashSafety GogglesSpell Tag Colbur Berry Wide Lens Other Shadow BallMud ShotHyper BeamProtectWill-O-WispSnarlTauntNasty PlotOther, grasspoisonChlorophyllOvergrow Coba BerryLife OrbFocus SashWeakness Policy Wide Lens Other Sludge BombEarth PowerLeaf StormSleep PowderProtectFrenzy PlantOther, firesteelFlash FireFlame Body Shuca BerryWeakness Policy Other Earth PowerFlash CannonHeat WaveProtectOther, fireDroughtWhite Smoke Shell Armor CharcoalSitrus BerryAssault VestChoice Specs Shuca Berry Weakness Policy Other ProtectEruptionHeat WaveEarth PowerBurning JealousySolar BeamBody PressYawnOther, grasssteelBeast BoostAssault VestFocus SashLife Orb Choice Band Lum Berry Expert Belt Other Leaf BladeSacred SwordSmart StrikeAerial AceDetectProtectOther, steelflyingBeast BoostLeftoversLife OrbAssault VestWeakness PolicyPower HerbOther Flash CannonAir SlashProtectFlamethrowerMeteor BeamLeech SeedHeavy Slam Other, steelpsychicClear BodyLight Metal Weakness PolicyLife OrbAssault Vest Other Iron HeadProtectStomping TantrumRock SlideIce PunchZen HeadbuttEarthquakeBullet Punch Meteor Mash Other, electricfireLevitateSitrus BerrySafety GogglesWiki Berry Iapapa Berry Other OverheatThunderboltNasty PlotProtectAlly SwitchOther, rocksteelBeast BoostShuca BerryWeakness PolicyLife OrbAir Balloon White Herb Chople Berry Other Gyro BallRock SlideBody PressTrick RoomProtectHigh HorsepowerOther, dragonghostClear BodyCursed Body Infiltrator Life OrbSafety GogglesColbur BerryWeakness Policy Focus Sash Light Clay Expert Belt Other Will-O-WispPhantom ForceSurfLight ScreenDragon DartsBreaking SwipeFlyProtectDragon DanceAlly SwitchReflect Shadow Ball Draco Meteor Beat Up Hydro Pump Other, electricflyingDefiantPrankster Life OrbAssault VestLum BerryExpert Belt Sitrus Berry Safety Goggles Other FlyWild ChargeSuperpowerProtectTauntLash Out Thunderbolt Eerie Impulse Electroweb Scary Face Other.

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