About This Blog

DN.BIZ is a conglomeration of domain industry experts and veterans with the goal of helping you succeed in your domain name business while at the same time furthering the industry as a whole. Our expertise dates back to 1997 and we are some of the most successful, well known and trusted industry figures and pioneers.

Our blog covers topics, tips and news with posts and videos for our three main audiences:

  • For Domain Owners (website owners, small business owners, corporate domain name managers, IT professionals, etc…) we cover news and tips about owning and managing domain names and strategies for managing your domain name.
  • For The Domain Industry we cover the news of the domain business, trends, and daily events.
  • For Domain Investors (registries, registrars, lawyers & other service providers) we discuss investing strategies, how to make money with domain names and how to use the products and services available to domain investors.

We feature a variety of ongoing series covering domains and data, growing a portfolio from $1 to $1 Million, and some in-depth reviews of company products and services from our directory to name a few. If there is something more that you wish to hear about or learn about please reach out to us using our contact form.

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