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10 Things to do Right Now to Sell More Domain Names

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  Thats my challenge to myself and to you. Do something for 2 hours a week your not doing now. Here are 10 things you can do to increase your sales velocity.

1. Organize your names and listings.

Are you on Afternic and Sedo marketplaces? Do you know the rules about expiration dates, holds, approvals. Do you know which tlds are accepted and when you need or can list on afternic, or godaddy auctions.

2. Get Your Landers right.
Are you after revenue or sales.  Do you have parking income names with sales landers, and sales name with parking landers. Find out and notate in your database which is which.  Are you buy it now or make offer, and on which names?  Are you intentional?

3. Are you using specialized marketplaces?

Have you logged into sites like Flippa and BrandBucket and Undeveloped. Is your inventory current. have you fixed any deficiencies at Brand Bucket, have you submitted names that might be approved.  have you looked at other marketplaces that fit your names.

4. Do you have a revenue portfolio.

Can you put together names that make $100 a month or more, with a track record.  Package, firm up your stats and reporting, and be ready to sell.

5. Low hanging Fruit
So you don’t want to outbound, no one does. But have you at least looked at other tlds holders of your .coms. For them your .com is an upgrade, from .net or .org, but also look to holders in other cctlds.  People are easier to find than ever, Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, send a message. Start a conversation.

6. List in Newsletters.

Do you need some activity at wholesale prices. List in newsletters appealing names, trade out and up. Submit to the newsletter.

7 List on forums.

Use make offer, fixed price or auctions at forums like Namepros.

8  Start discussions with people…

in industries where you have a lot of names. What do they think?  Who do you know, pick 5 friends who are professionals or have business and ask them what they think about premium domain names. We all assume the gold is at the end of the rainbow, that one day everyone will understand.. we don’t want to ask the question because we don’t want to hear the answer. Ask, call first to buy a product, everyone will take your call.

9 Drop or upgrade.

What are you keeping and why? Can you make a case for each name your paying renewals on. Dropping 100 names is just like selling 1 for $900.

10 Quasi-develop.

Can you at least take the first step to development by linking to an affiliate or white label page that exactly fits your names

11 – Bonus
Get some social media handles.  Need to do slow and its boring. Its adds to the value of your domain name by having the social media handle that matches your name.  Spend 10 minutes getting your best 5 each session, might even find a buyer?

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