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One of the things that has really improved in the Domain Space is data and tools.  We have more data, presented by different websites and apps than ever before. See our Domain Tools and Services section of the DN.BIZ directory for more.

Todays feature will be one of the tools at DomainScope from Verisign; today we will look at Keyword Tools.   The Verisign team that built DomainScope has been at Namescon the past few years (well 2017 and 2018). They rolled it out with some fanfare. This and other  tools on their site encourage .com registrations (and .net, .tv and .cc).  Do you use these tools, Do you know of these tools?

I’ve met the talented team that put these together. Verisign doesn’t do much marketing beyond discounted registrations, and here we see that the things they do to encourage registrations can be under the radar, even to many full time domainers and advisors.

So let take a look at the Keyword Tool, and ask the question are crypto and coin names dead?

DomainScope lets me look at words and the recent (7, 30, 90, days or custom date) registrations. I can see a graph of one or more words and then some sample words on the right.

Heres a sample:

In general look at length and number of words, mostly three words where we would advise customers and friends to go two words. Look at the workarounds to the best domains, either with a dash, a .net, an “e” or words in the wrong order or Brandables, meaning mispellings to gain an advantage; like the z for an c in   But the registrants are happy, and these names resolve and become their websites. We think they should buy better, but we have to respect they aren’t.

So there are still hundreds of websites being built, or at least crypto and coin domain names being taken every day.  Seeing the sample registrations SCREAMS !! how little we do as an industry do to help website owners get better names.  Now I am biased because I sell premium names, and most newcomers think and know that a registration is $10-30, so just settle for what available, just “get the best you can think up.”We would think they should spend $1-10k on a better name. Is it worth it? Thats for another blog but a fundamental question we need to answer better in my opinion.

But most of us would look down on friends, partners and associates that took some of whats being registered, are we right?.. Does it matter? Of course we think so, but we have to realize the market doesn’t. They are fine registering thousands of domains each day that represent the 180,000.000th best .com.

Ok, back to DomainScope. I used crypto domains for todays searches, are they still being registered. I was able to put in crypto, coin, blockchain, token and cryptocurrency.

domain scope crypto words.PNG

So with DomainScope you can visually see how many names have been taken over the past 90 days with a certain keyword.  Now thats data I can use. Right now I just have to wonder, or presume what I think is being taken, now I know.  Thank you Verisign.

So back to crypto terms, Coin is still the leader with 100-200 a day, with the longer cryptocurrency at the bottom, and token shows the most volatility.  See the spike in Mid-January. Anyone else recognize going a little crazy putting together a list of 100 domains and taking them all down in a single day.

So are Crypto domain names dead? Are you deciding on forum posts and quick comments, or data. DomainScope shows us they are still being taken down at 100-200 or so per day.So if you want to become a more data driven domainer, head over to the Keyword Trends section of DomainScope

I’ll bring these charts to you periodically in the DN.BIZ blog and videos. These tools can help look at comparisons between words and the demand for website names in key words and word groups.

For more on DomainScope, inlcuding their API access  checkout

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