Annoying Offshore Build a Website Phone Calls

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Anyone else getting pinged hundred of times a day.  So whats the best strategy” Go private, put a fake number?

So with my cell phone, if im on a call, especially a skype call, any incoming call puts me on hold. Sure i can probably fix that, but what about these calls.

I’m getting repeated spam calls to build a website. Not a big deal if you just registered one site, but if your a domain name investor and buy 100’s per month, thats a lot of calls. Same robo dialer, one after an other.  Think you can answer it and press do not call. Nope. They just know know you may answer.. so you”’ probably get more.

Think you can recognize the numbers, NOPE now they are using wireless numbers from throughout the United States, or globally. What is its a buyer.

So Im stuck, what to do, What are you doing? As i look for a solution, chime in here in the comments if you have attacked this problem, and how.  Ill throw some topcoin to you for the best tip.


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