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So why another industry blog and why am I writing again.  Well you will see more than just a blog on DN.BIZ, i’ll be producing content in quite a few formats, but as to the blog, thanks for coming in. Why.. you ask?

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I think we under-serve the general public on information about domain names, maybe on purpose.

Because I think we can do a better job maximizing the value of domain names for the whole industry.

Because of the generally nice feedback and appreciation I receive at shows and in messages and phone calls about my time on Domain Sherpa, and how I helped out investors and website creators and those working in the Industry.

Because Domain Names are now an important asset for websites and business owners. It used to be you had tools and equipment to manage, now you have online tools and assets, like domain names to manage. Do you know the rules?

I LIKE DOMAIN NAMES and still feel they are one of the few assets with enough uncertainty as to their value where you can make money buying, selling and trading.

Because many of the trends and things I thought would happen 15 years ago are finally happening, so I’m not so early anymore.

The economy finally got a little better and some courage for capitalism returned after the 2008 financial crisis… finally 10 years later.

Because we are finally going global enough that the original plan for each country to have their own cctld, and then global companies can upgrade to gTLDS is finally happening.   .Com isn’t just for the US anymore, which is good.

Becuase inside the industry the noise about new GTLDS has finally subsided and we can get back to why we own domain names, and why we need to push toward owning and operating domain names. We can show how Google and Facebook aren’t the online users best friend.. and how you need to own your own presence and data.

Becuase Creators like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace , plus Web.com and Godaddy’s Creator came in and created $20 Billion in public and private equity value right under our noses giving people what they wanted, websites – and we just want to give them domains.

I enjoy the community.

And lastly to use a couple movie scenes:

First, from a Classic 80’s probably long forgotten hit for many of you, (except for one scene that is not on the TV version)… Its Tequila Sunrise, Mel Gibsons character is a one time drug dealer, and almost gets arrested by his best friend Kurt Russell (picture Lakers coach Pat Riley), helping his lawyer sell some cocaine.. and he is asked why and he tells him he wanted to teach him (the non streetwise Attorney) “how” to sell it… how to sell it right. meaning correctly. He just couldn’t sit by and let his attorney mess-up and go to Jail.

Now he was also hoping to trade the favor for an introduction to Michelle Pfieffer’s character.. so yeah worth the risk. Sorry no clip, but again good movie.


You were with Andy Leonard when he was arrested. Nick tell you that? You weren’t with him? I was with him. And you weren’t selling cocaine? No, I wasn’t. He was. Then what were you doing?       Trying to teach him how to sell it.      You’re serious. That’s what it came to. He’s smart enough to be a lawyer. . . . . .but too dumb to be a crook.

So i’m risking a but doing this blog, stick my face out there to try to help you all be better domainers.. because selfishly it will help our business.


By the way, its on my top 10 movies done in Los Angeles list, check it out, probably without the kids.

So I see you out there and I want to help show you “how” to do some things better, and right.  I’ve sold million dollar names, and hundred dollar names. I’ve sold to retail end users, and trade quite often in the wholesale space. I’ve brokered names, and done buyer brokerage.  I’ve worked with registrars and registries. I’ve worked with cctlds, shared cctlds, new Gtlds and even alternative root systems. I’ve been inside the ICANN process. I’ve dabbled in development of a single site, and bulk development. I’m not an attorney but I’ve been schooled by some of the best we have in our industry who have graciously given out public info over the years, and told me what to stay away from, fingers crossed no UDRP yet.

Most of you are doing great, but maybe some can use some help. And when I talk about seeing some bad Domaining out there, my second movie reference comes to mind, from Caddyshack

So no, this isn’t about poor caddying, but I see some poor domaining out there. So listen to Loue, there is some poor domaining going on out there, some bad purchasing, some inefficient aftermarkets, some sales practices that turn everyone off to domain name investors, some shortcuts. In the movie Lou says caddys can be replaced by golf carts, and we too can be replaced by social media, apps, private networks, search engines etc. So I’m trying to do my part.. and oh yeah for those of you familiar with the scene, next comes my favorite line “pick up that blood”

So I think we,and me sometimes also, want to cut corners, and connive, cheat and manipulate sometimes to just get someone to buy our names, or find a trick or game.  We haven’t treated new money well in our space, we don’t mind an uninformed consumer, let them pay 20x for my name. Let them buy 5000 new tlds and think they own the next .com  ..    but inside the fluff, we have real assets, with real benefits. Assets that NameBio tells us people pay hundred of thousands of dollars for, EVERY DAY to buy, so I think by doing it right and better we all can make more money, today and in the future, and maybe gain back some of the respect we still fight for from the cyber-squatter days.

So thanks for tuning in to the Blog part of our Domain Industry Portal at DN.BIZ. We have some more new features to help become a better domain name owner, investor and help out our industry.

Thank you to Joe Politzer for bringing me on to produce the content for DN.Biz. Joe and his team have sold thousands of domain names, big and small. Joe has worked on some huge names and portfolios; let us know if we can use our industry knowledge,  contacts and experience to help your succeed in the domain space.

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