Gamechanger – Domains Now Show $99 a Year at Godaddy … Brilliant!

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Godaddy Available Domain Names now show $99 a Year. Brilliant!

Godaddy Domain Names

Godaddy Domain Names now $99.99

Brilliant !

(Note this doesn’t happen all the time, but it did twice this morning for me)

So when you search for a single domain name, Godaddy will now show its available, and only $99 a year. Includes website and email.  Brilliant. This is what people want.

They get a fully protected domain name, email and a website. Boom, done!!

I think it will take about 30 days for everyone else to jump on board.  This takes all the hard decision making out of the equation. Domain names have always been worth more than registration fee, so i don’t think we are running up against demand shrinking.

To be fair, they do show a “domain only” option; see below.. and stop laughing yes i registered that, its a brandable right.. funny thing is used to own it, dropped and now re-regged.

Khannabys Domain Name Domain Name Registration Results Page

So I don’t think in the consumers will mind…. why not get the whole package, the economy is good, and your done with billing for a whole year.  That is the key, as a buyer, your done – problem solved.  And if your an experienced domainer, or this is an extra name you click domain only.

For the Domain Industry this may end up reducing the price of domain names, because, the domain name is now a small part of a package of larger services.  The incentive will be to drive down costs for registrars – i wish i could say to lower prices – but now it will be to raise profits.   And just like they will look to email providers, and site builders to lower costs, they will look at the outsize profits at the registry and want lower costs.

For thirty years the domain name wagged the dog, its was the scarcity and starting point, now its part of the equation – and expensive for the cost of its delivery.  Most of the value in the registration is pure profit to Verisign. Its vulnerable, which is good for us wholesale buyers.

So March 13th, count it,mark it; when our biggest registrar started selling websites, not domain names.  Selling a solution, not a problem. Starting selling something exciting, not a burden and a worry.

So I’m changing to , changing to what i started in 2007, Joe Domains, domains name for the average Joe.  Ill show you more next week about how i plan to be doing the same thing with my premium domain names.

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