After the Drop 4/1/2019

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So is there anything left after the drop, anything at all worth registering. I think so. Welcome to After the Drop.

Each day ill show you what i think are some reasonable speculations.  Did you shoot too low and not get into auctions for great names? Are you sure you going to get outbid?  Did you crash early last night and just look and names with bids already.   Do you have a full time job and cant do domaining during the day.

Ill post at 4.30 CST each day some prospects that made it thru the drop.  Registrar wherever you want, Dynadot a nice and tasty $6.99 right now.

See our registrar comparison for why I like Dynadot.

April 1  Aprils Fools or not you make the call….. Brandable with a little alliteration Families pay, and pay well. Maybe it makes BB? Why not who doesn’t want to double, maybe some gambling uses? So typos of generic words may be the best revenue names, only one way to find out. Cannabis type name. Thouands spent per child per year. Hard C = K isnt hard ot explain. Can cost millions whe sued. I like brandable media names. Online Education is a growing market. Info or education site. One engagement could pay for an end user ot buy from you. Only magazine or newsletter. Yum tatsy and spicy, Either the food or the area. Geo + Service Blog or magazine, travel or insider tips. Big PPC Nice, trendy, expensive Geo News is a strong category.



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