After the Drop 4/2/2019

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Heres todays best of the drop, still available at post time. now that’s a Geo Service Name. City of 75K, good legal geo. city and region You need lots of them these days. Media is a great ending. So LA is a series of Valley’s , here one. Region name taken in 116 .coms, 3 other tlds. Nice travel, maybe trade for a trip.? Nice travel, maybe trade for a trip.? One word,  kinda. A little longer than laws, but that’s makes it brandable. Geo Service Big Market Smaller than Local. Large city in this popular suffix. I always pictures these like the names in movie credits. Lots of products, flag, shirts, patriotic items. Large city with better jobs. Going up in price last 10 years. Sounds like a cool title.

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