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Part II – This continued post comes from the .Monster launch comments

I have been around the New Tld space since 1998 when if first saw the chatter about .web. I pre-registered some and thought what a great chance to own some brands in a non .com. Its hard to imagine with only tens of millions of names registered in .com at that time, it still seemed like everything was taken.

Well I never got my .web’s, maybe my pre-registrations are still good. Watching the process led me to start an application for .kids, and start a registry solutions company to provide registry services for the coming new tlds.  Who knew that they would give out just 7 in the test bed, and only a spattering every couple of years.

Then it looked like we might get a .kids. Congress passed a law in both houses of congress to create .kids and much of the law reflected our application. We had not only a agreement based content strategy, but also realized we had to market our tld. We introduced the idea of selling premium names (never done before) to fund both marketing and charitable efforts. I also looked at the business plan and saw that in years 2-5 post launch, the excitement of the land-rush might wear off, where would revenues come from?

So we starting working a marketing plan on why to get kids widely known.  In the midst of this, in a rare bipartisan compromise, the Bill was amended to create; a third level Tld to be operating be Neustar. Every hear of it, no , nobody did because they gave it zero effort.  I had a chance to talk to their marketing folks about 1-2 years in, couldn’t believe they even had staff given the low awareness.

So back to 2019 and .monster. Am I pro new Tlds or anti New Tlds, i’m neither.  And the registry success can seemingly be had with no marketing, or lots of marketing at the registry level. At least we have an example of brand marketing with .monster, one i think others will follow as registrations and renewals dry up. However, that may not be for 4-5 years.


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