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Series – 10 Things to Do – Step 1 Organize Your Names

Before you even start, sell a name right now.

Ok so this step may sound easy because it doesn’t involve contacting the public, its detailed oriented and it lets you go over your lists and see all the cool domain names you own. After about 5 minutes you will be so convinced you are a gazillionaire, you’ll never do steps 2-10.

So if your serious about selling, even before you do step 1, look at your soon to delete names, those in grace period that are about to go. Find one and type it into Twitter, Google  and Facebook and find one person who uses the phrase in some manner, right now! and send them an email asking if they have an interest in buying your name. Do it now.

Stop reading and do it right now.

Ok Now to making your list.

Wait did you send the email or Facebook message, did you work to sell a name. Do this step to sell a name between each of the 10 steps that follow.

Here a video on how I do my lists and a template you can use also from google docs.

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