After the Drop 4/22/2019

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Hand Registration Domain Names

Available hand registration domain names available after the drop on april 22 2019. These are names you can hand register for the regular fee right now.

So heres whats left from our main list today. – pure product name – ok so if its an available one word dictionary name. I like it because it has some news/fact checking/ content meanings – Ive had these before, always thought they should get some of the paid legal announcement business. – some big elections in 2020 – sometime its what you want, sometimes it not what you want. – big average engagement, even if the wrong order for some. – these near me are an easy build for some. – two of the biggest words in our business – high ppc name, if you can get the traffic. – i know 3 words but popular if a human, or machine or AI – Big market, big area – ok so average – some tasty ppc values if you can get the users – two worder – big city – ah thats nice – one of the most popular suffixes, over 100k pop city i think. – i want it all – again a stretch but i think in a year every possible one word will be taken – am i too political to say this is what you are before you make money – means nice i think – good if your talking about chili – to make something southern? – again its on here because news / politics is one o f my big themes for the next 5 years.

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