After the Drop 5/11/2019

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So is there anything left after the drop, anything at all worth registering. I think so. Welcome to After the Drop.

Each day ill show you what i think are some reasonable speculations.  Did you shoot too low and not get into auctions for great names? Are you sure you going to get outbid?  Did you crash early last night and just look and names with bids already.   Do you have a full time job and cant do domaining during the day.

Ill post at 4.30 CST each day some prospects that made it thru the drop.  Registrar wherever you want, Dynadot a nice and tasty $7.99 right now.

Email me at to see what this list looked like before the drop and how you can join a select group who received the best names 24 hours before the drop. Enough time to place your back-orders if you have a real day job.

Todays List.    Brandable, not a terrible ending.   Because who wants the toxic kind.       Some interesting definitions         One who is from Austin?           One of the greatest domain t shirts of all time.          Wedding site? One word      Ok, so not the most positive, but still one word.           So im calling this an invented word.            This has some nice project stats.              Being too fluent, or maybe to affluent?


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