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So as i do my runs of five popular words to see whats being registered, Domain Scope shows be some recent registrations.  I think this is a terrific data source to see what real people are picking up at registration fee.

I had put in five cities so you’ll see some registration and my notes below.

My takeaways, most of the established services like plumbing, hardware, jobs hotels have been gone for awhile.  But for investors, take a look at some of the new growing businesses, especially in the hemp,cbd space.

We wrote about these names last month in our last DomainScope report. So ill be running store, shop etc in the top 100 cities and see what i like, then wait about an hour and see if i still like them.

Anyway here are my note and some recent registration with these city names.  Note how people readily accept what we would call 2nd and 3rd and fourth tier names.  They just know they need a name. They have no problem settling.. but if they are happy.. i guess thats ok.

Our industry has a challenge to try to grow peoples aspirations of what they can get in a domain name.

generalcontractorsdenverco.com – wow reverse order and state initials

vagabonddenver.com reverse order

seattleselitehomebrokers.com had to do 2 plurals, thats a long email.

rapidmortgagecleveland.com reverse order

phoenixgoldsilver.net had to get net, but nice

denverbreathingarts.com ok so ive not heard of that before

tsidenver.com ??

phoenixmode.net really the .net

phoenix09.com is that 3009

clevelandperformingartsphotography.com that a long name

denvermusicdaily.com like it

seascapeseattle.com nice alliteration

bigcityphiladelphia.com ok

drawphiladelphia.com ok

journeymendenver.com maybe they know the vagabond

philadelphiaeaglea.com typo of the football team

ciaocleveland.com see ya later

timeofphoenix.com ok

phoenix07.com again 3007?

superiorrealestatephiladelphia.com thats a long name

sleepbetterdentalmedicinephiladelphia.com ok so this one is longer

pictureframeshopdenver.com city at end, but thats was OK

accesscleveland.com maybe the best so far, site or TV show, like Access Hollywood, but Cleveland
now that the Football Divas in town

phoenixopt.com – optometrist, shorter ok

denverremax.com – if your the remax borker you are PSYCHED !!!

clevelandvertiports.com the next thing

kiteboardseattle.com ok

letsgethealthycleveland.com sure

clevelandhempcbdstore.com a 4 worder but a growing market

denverhiddengem.com this one is not

aletaseattlehomes.com ok whos aleta?

phoenix05.com realy again?

eastclevelandpal.com nothing to say

denveryogastudio.com good get

sfdcdenver.com nice and short

clevelandcbdoutlet.com ok so store and shop gone, thsi is ok

vapeshopdenver.com it the thing

denverweed.net nice combo, even if net

clevelandperformingartphotography.com ah they got the singular

clevelandcbdhempstore.com had to get the reverse order

thedenverinsider.com nice name, i like the “THE” here

clevelandfairyhair.com hmmm

denverrebar.com niche market, but its yours this is a terrific name

meetinphiladelphia.com sure

adagencyseattle.com most would want the correct order, but maybe not


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