Uniregistry Expired Names Now Available at Dynadot

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Wow – Uniregistry Names Expired Names at Dynadot Auctions!

Low profile launch, unpublicized test or New Expired Names Stream?  Either way, I’m liking the selection so far, although at $50 more like Namejet aspirations, than Godaddy.

See our video on buying expired domains at Dynadot.com

What are Expired Names Auctions?

One of the best places to buy domain name inventory is through expired names auctions.  Although right off the bat, realize your buying someones trash, they didn’t think it was even worth renewing for $10-12.  But for many reasons, business closings, cash position of the owners and mistakes; expired names make up a big part of the wholesale price acquisitions for a domain name investor.

Before names are dropped, the registrars have taken the position that if the customer hasn’t renewed the name, and the registrar hasn’t asked for it back yet, they can sell it and keep the proceeds. To date the majority of expired domain domain name auctions have been at the Snapnames, Namejet and Godaddy auctions platforms.

Dynadot Expired Names Auctions

Dynadot has had their own platform and I’ve used it quite often to buy some nice expired names.  And now Dynadot is adding registrars, such as Uniregistry.

I found out as I was scanning Dynadot names and saw some pretty good realestate.com and homes.com names, my favorites areas.   But  .. they looked a little too familiar. Yup they were names I owned in the grace period at Uniregistry.

Uniregistry names seem to carry a higher than normal $50 fee, (Dynadot owned names start at $12.99) and seem to be at a set time, about 8 PM EST.   That a smart move as opposed to the tough to follow all day expired names period for Dynadot names.

If you look at Uniregistry owners as smart strong domainers, than who wants what they don’t want?  At the same time, a large portfolio owner dropping say 10-20% of their portfolio, and I get to pick what I like;  makes this a marketplace I’ve found and expect to find some good names.  Plus, Uniregistry has expanded to hold the retail buyers of thousands of names, plus the affiliate signups from their registrar being on millions of landing pages over the last 7-8 years.

Investor note: If your a Uniregistry owner, watch out for the grace period and make sure you don’t get to close, you may find your name has a new owner.

Click here for our video on buying expired domains at dynadot.com

  1. I have followed dozens of names in the last month that are in Dyna Expiring auctions and are registered at Uni and Epik, I have had the highest bid on some of them, but I have not seen one that was transferred to Dyna, it seems they all get renewed at Epik or Uni, the ones I won I got refunded which sucks at Dyna because that means they just credit your account, no cash back. Names like SpyPro com, TurbinePower com, LandListing com, Lendings com, Judio com, eBooster com, HerbalDrugs com, iCGF com, Ludvig com, Eastfield com, Postage org. I won a few like LandListing com and they sent me this email:

    The expired domain auction for landlisting.com has been cancelled because the original registrant has renewed the domain. If you have already sent payment, we will automatically credit it to your Dynadot account as account credit. (What’s strange is as of today the domain still shows expired on 4-10-19?)

    I also won TurbinePower com and this is the email I got on that one:

    The expired domain auction for turbinepower.com has been cancelled because the original registrant has transferred the domain to another domain registrar. If you have already sent payment, we will automatically credit it to your Dynadot account as account credit. (What’s strange about this one is it didn’t change registrars, it was at Epik before and it is at Epik now, it is renewed though.)

    Who knows what is going on, my paranoid mind thought maybe they are just doing this so they get high bids that they then only credit into your Dyna account knowing full well the names will get renewed, but again that is my paranoid version, either way I have stopped bidding on these Uni and Epik names and Dyna. Maybe people are winning them and they have to open an account at Epik or Uni to get the name, that it doesn’t get transferred to Dyna I am not sure, but I do know that the auctions I won I did not get the domains, just Dyna credit.

    What sucks too is I told my friend that all these great names were expiring at Dyna and would probably end at some great deals but I didn’t have much capital to invest at the moment, so he gave me money and said invest in some names and we’ll split the sale profit when they sell, it costs me nothing just some time to list them, it’s a win win right, I don’t put out any capital and split the profit if I make good investments, unfortunately I didn’t get any, the ones I did win I didn’t really win in the end and I only got credit back in my account, so I just gave my friend his money back and said forget about it and used the Dyna credit for renewals lol…

  2. well ive been there, it hurts more to have thought a win, they lose, than to have never been able to bid.

    In some cases ive seen names disappear pre auction end – which i prefer. Hopefully theres’ no intentional trial selling going on.

    I will say as a name owner, the last message you get that says this name has been move to another account, or removed from your account – will start people saying, oh yeah i wanted to renew…..

    Dynadot has clawed names back on me in the past, always seems like if i’m the owner, i cant get it back, but if im the winning bidder, the owner can get it back.

    I fall back on the Godfather line… “this is the business we have chosen”


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