After the Drop 7/30/2019

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Multi-Day Post, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6. – Earth friendly name for any marketing effort – Huge spending category – really strong brandable for inheritance planning – Elections news is everywhere – Premium Real Estate – Nice Directory name for large web aware city. –  Geo Product name  – isn’t that true, especially in domains – probably sell for large prices – Esports trends helps here – Do it, every day. – oop forgot a “o” maybe brandable – Recipes for drinks searched … Read the rest

Domainers Portfolios after Passing Away

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Deceased Domain Name Owner

So I know this isn’t the best topics to think about, but a recent sale of a premium name from a domainer who had passed away reminded me of my own estate planning for my names and issues around managing domains when the owner or contact passes away.  I thought I would share with you some background, and my thoughts and recommendations.

Ill do this article in three parts, for our three types of viewers and readers. First I’ll cover domain ownership issues for every domain owner, or manager. Then I’ll cover what i think would … Read the rest

After the Drop 7/23/2019

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3from the last few days, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6.  – these near me have high CPC   – nice site for lists    either old or new   needed    good to copy off of    needed, !  see above  much admired action – fansite?  – then your not a drain on anyone else  what you do when having trouble with cword puzzle  – please!  –  think the Rock  – no one will see you  needed  important for workers, contractors two big words

chicagosbestrestaurants.comRead the rest

I just bought a 34 Character Dictionary Word .Net; Am I Wrong?

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UPDATED 7/11/19

Its a Saturday night and ain’t got nobody, I got some money cause I just got paid…..
Cat Stevens

So i’m scrolling around doing some research on domain names and decided i wanted a one word domain name, now we know all the ones in .com are taken so I tried .net and .org, and limited myself to something taken in a bunch of other extensions.

So I searched through all the names that have ever been registered in .net and came up with a word known by almost every US and England kid over 30….but it goes … Read the rest

After the Drop 7/1/2019

Leave a Comment0 Sounds better than over 50 How to name your dog, active verb Maryland Place 75k Pop. Resembling a festoon……. Nice demographic Let users find out if you own this name. Sounds like a paper Maybe a TV show or blog of best spots outdoors Learn how to hire a VA Sheds are big and this one is Meta Coming soon Indiana City of 70k And when they do this site will be big Sure Making novels Now that’s a price I
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