I just bought a 34 Character Dictionary Word .Net; Am I Wrong?

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UPDATED 7/11/19

Its a Saturday night and ain’t got nobody, I got some money cause I just got paid…..
Cat Stevens

So i’m scrolling around doing some research on domain names and decided i wanted a one word domain name, now we know all the ones in .com are taken so I tried .net and .org, and limited myself to something taken in a bunch of other extensions.

So I searched through all the names that have ever been registered in .net and came up with a word known by almost every US and England kid over 30….but it goes against the biggest reason to buy a premium domain name, a short length.. its 34 characters…but i bought it.

The definition is ” apologizing for being educated by fragile beauty”

Anyone guessing the word yet….some would think its quite atrocious.

So i spent $11 and its up on afternic and sedo, ill check back in at 6 months and let you know if i have any offers.

7/11/19  UPDATE – No offers yet, time for a price drop.


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