After the Drop 7/23/2019

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3from the last few days, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6.  – these near me have high CPC   – nice site for lists    either old or new   needed    good to copy off of    needed, !  see above  much admired action – fansite?  – then your not a drain on anyone else  what you do when having trouble with cword puzzle  – please!  –  think the Rock  – no one will see you  needed  important for workers, contractors two big words  my NOTD lots  of money spent  – lets go shopping  – high CPC – for multistakeholders  sounds cool  are still big business – sounds redundant  i have no idea  – looking good,,, at 55 plus community  needed  everyone needs, real estate leadgen – wasnt that a song.. for the coming third age, or the past  – popular river destination  neighborhood  high cpc  – sells for cheap  HUGE business  – needed – important info

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