Having Trouble with the Bots and Auto-bidding on Godaddy Auctions

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Read time about 5-10 minutes, not a quickie.

Frustrated with big players using bots and data to win all the good auctions, walk with me as I go through what you may be feeling, and some steps you can take to be a better domain name investor.

First off, No one said it would be easy. So buck up, stay in the game. There are still very few businesses with the potential of domaining.

Sure, we’d love to be the only bidder at an auction, and have the platform offer great inventory, and have a low minimum bid, and be … Read the rest

Want More Offers – Buy Better Names.

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Negotiating Domain Name Prices with Buyers
Are you not getting enough offers. You may be looking at the cost side too closely and only buyer cheaper names, and names you can get. Since everyone else could have got those names, your not getting offers.  Buy Better Names.
If your in domaining to haggle and negotiate with buyers, buy better names. A good name bought $100 and up wholesale might produce more leads per month. Now everyone wants to buy this type of name for $10, and then wait for the leads to engage buyers. It probably wont happen with
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How Many Domains Should I Own ?

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How Many Domains Should I Own?

So another take on the 1 to 2% portfolio turnover number that is thrown around quite a bit, is to reverse the numbers to determine how many domains you should own.

An owner with 1000 names should sell about 10-20 a year. Now I’m looking at this in the real domaining sense of end user sales at full price. So this is buy it now off landing pages or in aftermarkets or inbound inquiries.
If your selling wholesale, or quick flip or closeout you should be doing 5-10%, if your a full time domainer
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Puppies and Domain Names


This is a Puppy

They need to be loved, and given food and water.. and they love you back. They mean something. You care about them, you invest in them, sacrifice for them.

This is another small dog..it should not be left alone, it should be taken in, it should not be let out to face the world alone.. You should sacrifice for this dog. You should spend money on this dog. You should put the needs of this animal before your own.  Let it become part of the family.


Now puppies are one thing, and bad domain names … Read the rest