Puppies and Domain Names

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This is a Puppy

They need to be loved, and given food and water.. and they love you back. They mean something. You care about them, you invest in them, sacrifice for them.

This is another small dog..it should not be left alone, it should be taken in, it should not be let out to face the world alone.. You should sacrifice for this dog. You should spend money on this dog. You should put the needs of this animal before your own.  Let it become part of the family.

Puppies and Domain Names

Puppies, love them.


Now puppies are one thing, and bad domain names are something different.  And bad domain names are not puppies.  Yes they both cost money and are adorable at first site, and can steal your heart. And you have to care for them both. And they are both needy. A bad domain name is an underdog, no one believes in it, and sometimes you shouldn’t either.

So these are bad domain names.  Orphans, lost, purchased and now being kicked out.
They are domains shown to me on a namepros message, to buy for resale prices, would I make an offer?  Would I buy – no, and I don’t think owner should have either.


and these are .app domain names – shown to me when i did a recent wanted .app post on Namepros.

888889.app – 6 numbers .. really
iyellow.app – i+ is great but in a new tld, with a color, $20 down the drain.

Now I like .app domain names, see dn1.app but that doesn’t mean I need to like every .app domain name.

and I’m not just picking on others, here are some .coms I registered last year and am dropping.


Because last year every LLL + coin combination was taken…..

but this is this year, so i don’t need to pay for these names. They are not puppies, they don’t need to be cared for. Bad domain names can be let out into the cold. As many as  30,000,000 may be this year.  I may feel I need to keep them because someday a new owner will come along. I don’t need to care how a domain name feels. They may be dropped and no one else may pick them up. And that is fine.

So – bad domain names are not puppies.  I, and you readers, may need to drop more names to be a better domainer.  Don’t fall in love with your domains if they cant add to your net worth down the road.

so again

these are puppies, they should be kept and cared for…

Cute Puppies

Cute Puppies

but not poor domain names.


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