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Negotiating Domain Name Prices with Buyers
Are you not getting enough offers. You may be looking at the cost side too closely and only buyer cheaper names, and names you can get. Since everyone else could have got those names, your not getting offers.  Buy Better Names.
If your in domaining to haggle and negotiate with buyers, buy better names. A good name bought $100 and up wholesale might produce more leads per month. Now everyone wants to buy this type of name for $10, and then wait for the leads to engage buyers. It probably wont happen with lessor names. But have a least one strong name, you will “feel” like your domaining more each week with leads…even if low ball offers.
I think many domainers are in this industry to have something someone else HAS to have, and then hold the upper hand in negotiating.  We hate to be in this position so much as a buyer, we want to be in this position as a seller.  Again this is purely psychological, but emotion plays a big part in domaining.  So we see names with an obvious end user, buy it and hope they call. Why not buys names with more obvious end users.
So if this is the type of domaining you like, and I think most domainers like to be on side of the wanted, and hunted, you wont get this type of engagement in reg fee names.
If you bought a name for reg fee, or godaddy auctions minimum bid, your looking at 1-5 buyers or bidders in a year )maybe), so not a lot of activity.
So buy a couple $300-$3000 names and you’ll get that charge of engaging buyers more and more.  Then let your lower priced names get picked up at buy it now. Save your interaction and negotiating for better names rather that trying to squeeze blood from a turnip, or ask a max price for name that isn’t worth it, and your buyer just never mail back.
Let me know if i hitting home with these type of posts, or off-base. Comments below.

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