Hug Your Benchmarks

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Heard a great quote today from a stock market analyst on what to do the rest of the year.  With China, impeachment talk, 2020 Election, Interest rates and the global economy all representing real or perceived risks, what is an investor to do?

His comment was don’t try to grab on the the end of the FANG trade of hot internet stocks. Don’t try to figure out, along with billions of other dollars whether Netflix or Tesla or Bitcoin has more to go on the downside. Don’t sell everything because of Trump.  But he shared its ok to keep your

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4 Letter Domain Names Under $500

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For a long time 4 letter domain names were “Gold” in the domain space. In the shortest of time terms, the ability to buy and flip isn’t as great as the hey-day. But, trends die slowly and the success of the past still brings liquidity to this market.

I never understood this market fully til it was to late, so I don’t trade in these names. However some aspects of desirabilty are always there, (like CVCV on the Super Premium upside). I think in the value end there is still some shortness over exact spelling that works for brandable names. … Read the rest

Domain Name Auction Bidding Strategies

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Domain Name Auction Bidding Strategies

Bid Soon, or Wait Til Last Minute?

Show Strength, or Be the Water Torture than Frustrates the Proxy Bidder?

On Extended Auctions, Overbid Fast, or Wait til Last Minute.

These are some of the questions I ask myself and I thought I’d share my journey, some thoughts and then some tips to help you be a better bidder.  For an overview of some basic strategies, these articles set the stage nicely. Bidding Strategies

Read it if you can spare the 3 minutes. A couple of ideas I use quite often, Here is one.

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ADD Expired Domain Names 9/23

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Everyone have a good weekend. These expired domain names did not, no one wanted them Saturday or Sunday, Should you?

Here are a group of expired domain names still available. Take down if you like at your favorite registrar, I wait 24 hours before I register.

Click here to see prior lists.  Follow us or subscribe to get expired domain name notifications on these lists.  So the S hurts, but not too badly.   Def:incapable of being terminated; unending: an interminable job. monotonously or annoyingly protracted or continued; unceasing; incessant: I can’t stand that interminable clatter.   Kinda like this … Read the rest

After the Drop 9/20/19

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Here are a group of expired domains still available. Take down if you like at your favorite registrar, I wait 24 hours before I register.

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SanDiegoRetirementHomes.comRead the rest

AirBnB and Taylor Swift – Famous Names and TM Make Top Domains List

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This was a head-scratcher for me.

Verisign published their monthly domain report. AirBnB and Taylor Swift jumped out at me because I think in retrospect, – to quote those few of you who remember the I Love Lucy show – someone may have some “splaining to do”.

Now I think within fair use domains should be able to use TM words if they are not trying to confuse the public, or using under fair use.  Very few domain name investors make use of their domain names so domainer WIPO cases may not be the best way to set a standard.… Read the rest

After the Drop. Special .US Edition

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And even better is running a promo for $1.99.

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So here are about 50 .US names that caught my eye.  For many, the old pre 2003 perception of the .us domain namespace is still rooted in the system.  Yes you can have second level .US domains.  They are doing some attractive  marketing. At least, at the price, these make nice tests. The only way to tell if a Tld has resale demand is to own names.   I picked up some and … Read the rest

The Joy of Domaining – The Sale

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Editors Note: We have an affiliate relationship with Sedo, and make seek advertising relationships with companies mentioned in this post.

Are you receiving these messages below. Look at your past year and see how often your selling names. Once a month, once a week.  There is a number out there for how many names you should sell, 1%. You should be selling 1% of your portfolio.  I say baloney, do better. The 1% lets you make excuses for the 99% of your names that don’t sell.  Read our prior post here.

Now if your asking top top prices; and truly Read the rest

After the Drop – 9-17-19

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From the weekend, plus a special Canna CBD Section.

To see all my posts in this series with available names (at the time of publication) – i like one percent back. – ok so its not a store that swims… lol  1/3 of New jersey – just dont get on TV or go to jail. – freedoms………….. – either for Aussies or Aussie stuff – absolutely huge following, my NOTD ill wait 24 hours to grab – dreamer of money and victory and glory – either eat it, or read about Read the rest