After the Drop Week Ending 9 2 2019

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Multi-Day Post, ill wait 24 hours before grabbing 5 or 6.

Use to check against what your renewing, subject to prior registration. – High PPC – Familiar soccer term, ok football. – surfs up – and this name – 2 in NY and Boston – sounds familiar – Ive got a couple of these. – Come on over… – They know more now…. – 20-30 of these needed next year. – Popular – improvement is so hard to spell – Not just critically but hyper… – the state of being incnspicuous – wait how can there be more than one – politics is everywhere – ahh the Science of Lingerie – heavily searched – my geos sound great. – look something up – – short and sweet and to the point. – Huge dollars spent yearly – yum – waiting for you


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