Domain Registration Trends Crypto & Cannabis

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This post covers daily domain registrations in CryptoCurrency and Cannabis, some popular trendy keywords. Later we walk you through the last 100 domain registration in the Cannabis space to see what the public can still register.

So those of us that didn’t register names in 1994 when our brothers nephews cousin worked at MIT have to try to catch some new trends to find premium names to buy and sell.

Crypto Domain Names

So of the current trends I thought I’d look at daily registrations of some trendy keywords.

So the green is coin which has the highest daily registrations among the words Crypto, Coin, Token, Blockchain and Bitcoin.   Coin runs above 150 per day most days, and crypto sometimes reaches 100.  Funnily enough, Blockchain, the one trends that is universally determined to be here to stay, had the lowest daily registrations.

For more information and tips on using Verisgn DomainScope© see our post from earlier this year.

Now lets look at another trendy section: Cannabis, Marijuana and CBD.

Cannabis, Marijuana and CBD Domain Names

Here are the daily registrations for the last 90 days for the terms: Canna, CBD, Marijuana, Hemp and Vap (includes vaping and vape)

Cannabis and Vaping Domain Registrations trends

Cannabis and Vaping Domain Registrations Trends

So CBD continues to rock and if I can extrapolate the 30 or so stores in my small town of 15,000 people, its not going to be over soon.   Marijuana, probably the original term has the lowest number of daily registrations.  Hemp is probably the fastest riser. Canna (to include all the variations of cannabis) seems steady.

Now lets see what the public is registering, mostly at registration fee unless an expired domain caught by a drop service. Here is a list of the last 100 names.

Many good names are still available for registration fee for end users. The battle is  between what and end user would like, and what an investor would like, (to then sell to an end user). Those are the the goal posts that are constantly changing, and makes up the resale domain market.  The better names site operators can find at registration fee, the less they will need to pay up for a premium name. And the more investors feel the end user market is growing, the more inventory they will take and hold, making the registration fee names less desirable.

So it seems especially in the geo space with a city and term, investors have shied away – its hard to renew for years when you buy 200 cities plus medical marijuana, so medium size cities/market can be available (Like Dayton below).  Other than that, the public seems willing to search and add words, and extra phrases; and hyphens (-) rather than pay up for better names.  That is the mentality, good or bad that is out there. I’ve added some notes and commentary.  – most new registration are now  3 words. – so might be California and Canadian CBD Group – geos still are popular – really add an “in” – so this should be available for the niche – pretty big city to be available – covers a big state, big lounge. – ahh the dreaded 4 versus for – i think we call this a brandable    if it works for orange juice….  – ok im hoping brandable not literal. – really xxtra “u” – you hide your hemp? or bra made of hemp? – i like fresca – long tail keyword i think we used ot call these – good geo – the s hurts – again a real reach for a brandable  – end user must have been super stoked to get this one. – big market


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