Threes a Crowd. D2C and Domain Names.

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The latest acronym from the B2B, B2C line is now Direct to Consumer, or Direct to Customer (D2C).  Its everything in the startup world with millennials.
To compare it with dating, assume your going on a date with your customer. Keep it between the two of you, Threes a Crowd.

You need to connect with your customers directly? To advertise, To deliver. To build a relationship.  Your goal with your website strategy should be; Can you build the systems to attract, engage and deliver your own value proposition to clients and customers? And can you do it alone?

DNS and Domain Names – The Original App

Yes you can, and that means you can use the original app, the domain name system (DNS) to own and manage your connection to the internet to reach and communicate with customers.. directly.  And that is done with a domain name, and if your going to have a domain name, why not have the best domain name you can.   Your domain name is your connection on the “app” that is installed on billions of devices globally. Its already there, on every device connected to the internet. And you can be too. Every piece of data that flows over the internet does so using the domain name system.  All you need is a connection, done through your domain name.

The internet was supposed to broaden out or bring the network effect to content, power and information. Instead we have strengthened choke points and consolidation.

So back to D2C and the dating metaphor. Why bring along a third players in this interaction.  You wouldn’t put someones else’s advertising on your billboard, or your business card – so rethink your social spend if every time your try to reach a customer, your creating space on the someones platform you don’t own or control. And that platform is selling advertising and mining data from your potential and existing customers, and its with competitors products and services.
So if you mainly use the social networks, stop building a business for someone else, build your own.

Yes Twitter and Facebook and Instagram can help you play with customers.  But please realize; its only if your content matches their objectives (they want to hijack your engagement on their platforms without having to do anything). And if you want control, you gotta pay. Pay for placement, pay for post reach, pay for engagement.

And you gotta keep paying.

Own Your Online Connection

With a domain name, you pay once to own your own platform to interact with customers. You own your own relationship. Your now un-linked from the blow-back Google and Facebook are receiving for their practices. Your now un-linked from the headlines about intrusive behavior and privacy concerns.  Your not part of the privacy problem, you can directly show customers your own levels of treatment and fair play.

A domain name creates your own space on the internet for your own content, products and services. And who controls the space? Who controls the privacy policy and the relationship with customers? You do. Why bring along other platforms.  The battle for your customer already includes the handset maker, the wireless network or connection to the home, the browser they are using, hidden apps and and various other bots and intermediaries. At least with your own domain name and website, you control that interplay.

Your Name. Your Brand.

Our personal name is how well tell people about who we are. Its our brand. When people see you, think of you or remember you they remember your name.  So consider your domain name. Its what people first see, tie their engagement to, and remember about your website and online presence. And yet, hundreds of thousands of website owners just grab whats available each day. There is a larger and better quality group of domain names available for sale.

The knock on the premium domain name market is the age old, your a cyber-squatter. I thought up a name I want, and someone else has it. You as a a customer think it should be there, when you thought of it. But thoughts and ideas have been happening for a long time. And for common words and phrases and combinations of common words and phrases; you have to engage with current owners. Just like when you buy a house, or used car, or factory, or billboard or advertising space in a magazine.

But, You have more options than you think. Of the 200,000,000 domain names taken and registered, many are available for purchase on various aftermarkets and exchanges. On Dn.Biz we show you steps, best practices and tips to find better domain names, with a smaller incremental cost than you may think – given the benefits. Join us.



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