After the Drop – 9-17-19

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From the weekend, plus a special Canna CBD Section.

To see all my posts in this series with available names (at the time of publication) – i like one percent back. – ok so its not a store that swims… lol  1/3 of New jersey – just dont get on TV or go to jail. – freedoms………….. – either for Aussies or Aussie stuff – absolutely huge following, my NOTD ill wait 24 hours to grab – dreamer of money and victory and glory – either eat it, or read about it. – popular search – for preppers – for downtowners – ok so variant spelling but looks good. – Australia and Canada – we all need help  – ok so its both and long but popular – keeps the cat mellow – your vaping machine is now your phone? or your phone vapes – nice combinations of cannabis and dispensary – ok so e at the begging but these are bigtime. – if they can do it with nicotine…. – come on in – cool – dont get in trouble – nice brandable – popular – store name – its the UK speling but gets the point across – who wants just regualar – lets talk about it – again why not have the Super one – through the mail….


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