AirBnB and Taylor Swift – Famous Names and TM Make Top Domains List

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This was a head-scratcher for me.

Verisign published their monthly domain report. AirBnB and Taylor Swift jumped out at me because I think in retrospect, – to quote those few of you who remember the I Love Lucy show – someone may have some “splaining to do”.

Now I think within fair use domains should be able to use TM words if they are not trying to confuse the public, or using under fair use.  Very few domain name investors make use of their domain names so domainer WIPO cases may not be the best way to set a standard.

But, I’m not sure we have got to the point where a registry operator might say or publicize that a trademark term or famous name term is being widely registered, and furthermore in the top registered names.  Or if you really understand whats underlying these numbers, its not the highest 10 words, just 10 sample words that have shown growth.  More in that tomorrow.

But it makes a tough case to say the registry is not aware a lot of trademark and famous names are being registered.  My hope is it gets us closer to allowable fair use, not that i want to build websites but I do want to make a market in domain names that can be bought by others to build fair use websites.

But then, Taylor Swift and AirBNB may have a lot of uses in other non trademarked industry groups, or a lot of personal website owners have their pets named Taylor Swift.

I’m guessing this blog post looks different next week.

Here are the  Top 10 in .com


And the Top 10 in .Net




So I wondered if this has been the case all along, and checked some prior blog posts

Here are some prior reports, I didn’t see any TM or famous names.  I have shown the top 10 in coand .net as reported in the Verisign Blog.

July 2019

text insurance
glasses wedding
remote canna
index virtual
year rage
term mass
fee falls
papers guru
jumbo hard
braces lawyer

June 2019

Libra Libra
Snafu Casino
Psychedelic Bet
Currency Long
Ceramic Asera
Employer Clinic
Pottery Poker
Impact Boat
Regenerative London
Manual Dust

and last year…

November 2018

token college
trail door
custody repair
litigation garage
landing university
friday merica
paradise thai
reverse building
divorces pool
jamaica off

October 2018

corporation studio
limited just
rare very
indy soul
flag code
drug beach
inform so
istanbul right
same deli
silicon marijuana

September 2018

asset marijuana
organic removal
kiosk cane
sets titan
plex sustain
cane fiber
florence double
kratom florence
homecare damage
niagara divine

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