4 Letter Domain Names Under $500

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For a long time 4 letter domain names were “Gold” in the domain space. In the shortest of time terms, the ability to buy and flip isn’t as great as the hey-day. But, trends die slowly and the success of the past still brings liquidity to this market.

I never understood this market fully til it was to late, so I don’t trade in these names. However some aspects of desirabilty are always there, (like CVCV on the Super Premium upside). I think in the value end there is still some shortness over exact spelling that works for brandable names. So from a first glance, appeal point of view I have picked out some that seemed better than the rest for their price point.

With so much inventory being priced in many cases as a commodity, (ie every non Chinese premium is worth XXX), I ran through some available 4 letter names that I would buy, IF I HAD TO.

Doing this post got my animal spirits up to buy a couple, I’ll wait 48 hours to do so. And yes that says Ebay below, who knew? GD- Godaddy Auction Buy it Now.  Soem do have make offer.  Not all names may be available, all subject to prior sale or repricing.  I have no idea who owns these names.

Happy Hunting!

Domain Name       Price     Venue

fzue.com                  140       ebay

yxro.com                  200       gd

qutl.com                   200       gd        TOP PICK

uirq.com                   200       gd

qujs.com                   222      gd

yryi.com                     299     gd

jmbu.com                   309     gd

ywoi.com                    309      gd

ooiw.com                     365    ebay     Dont laugh, i think the oo looks good.

jzia.com                       395      gd

cvsb.com                     500      gd


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