False Leads and Contact Form Inquiries

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Efty recently upgraded to a Zapier integration which seems to help using other apps.  I am not much of a stay up all night reading the self-service manual on the other apps but the google drive use Morgan Linton highlighted sounds simple. I used to use the trafficZ download inquiries to csv feature years ago and it helped to organize and follow-up.

So thanks Efty, downloading leads to google drive.. might be helpful or sort out fake or foreign spam type contacts. Unless I need to play poker or other distractions.

But the inquiries are good for my self-esteem. So many people want to meet me, and think my content is appealing.  And hey who doesn’t want 10-20 offers a day.

So I’m stuck trying to decipher real offers and spam ones. Right now Efty does a pretty good job of not overwhelming me with spam inquiries. Uniregistry also keep the “no chance” leads down to a few per day.  But my Woo-commerce landers and other marketplaces like DMPPro bombard me.  The total amount of the spam comments is so big, I wonder:

1- If the systems are being too tough and assume everything spam, I may miss a real one.  I don’t take the time to review the hundreds per month tagged as spam, has anyone and found a real lead?

2 – Psychologically I feel like I’m getting inquiries, but not really.  Hard not to gravitate toward the words, you have received an offer.

3 – I am amazed at  the sheer size and amazingly low cost, here is what one message quoted:  10,000,000 messages for $99.

Has anyone applied any creative solutions to this problem.  Looking for some as I pursue the perfect landing page strategy over the next few months.

Page Howe

PS Next up, how to stop those annoying “we can build a website” for you calls.






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