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So while not authoritative, I’ve spent some time this week working on a list of names registered in the top number of Tlds.  In the past various data sites could tell us in how many of the old big five (com,net,org,info,biz) a left of the dot string was registered… if we provided the string.

But many great names maxed out at five, or an old school customer from back in the day may have registered and kept renewing all five.  So in picking from top names the metric lost some of its value.

So no doubt you can put a string in Dofo.com or other sources and see how many Tlds are taken. What I needed was to make a list of the non-trademarked words taken in the most number of Tlds.

I have this list from my foray into .app in April and I started to update about a month ago.   I used expirednames.net to run some of the largest datasets available, like names listed at Godaddy Auctions, Pending Deletes, names at Uniregistry, names at SEDO.  Now as long as one of the second level string was in the marketplace in one of the 2000 or so Tlds, it would be ranked.

Its took a little work to trim down duplicates, trademarked words and then I also edited out three letter names that were not words or abbreviations.  I came up with my hot list. I’ve used to play in some of the land rushes for new tlds, and also to pick up some inventory on the various TLD’s on super special sales at registrars.

So I will have it ready next Monday (10/14)  to give out to all subscribers to the blog, and the email alerts. Thank you and welcome.  Comment below and I’ll email you a link.

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