CBD.BIZ and CBD.world

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Two different headlines reported sales of a LLL old legacy tlds (.biz) and new tlds (.world). Both were sales of CBD domain names. The intrepid and insightful Raymond Hackney reported on TldInvestors.com that CBD.biz sold for $90,000.

Tld Investors also blogged that cbd.world was bought for $1.85, flipped a couple of times – than sold for $20,000.

Who wouldn’t want that type of return?  But half of you would not buy a .biz or new Tld in any case. And the other half are convinced that everything is taken. So game over. Done. Cant be duplicated.  Why even try?

Can it be duplicated? Lets see – come domain with me.  I’ll keep going with posts in this series til we find an answer.

Premium New Top Level Domain Names

Ok so first off many one word New TLD’s are premium priced. In many cases however the first tier of premium pricing is meant to keep names out of the pool available for the lowest discounted price. So if your looking in .club as an example, there are some registrars who have had deals down to $.99. To keep some pretty good names going at such a low super deal discount, there are tiers at below $20 where good names might reside.

Only the freely register-able names at the lowest level are truly “available”, and some registrars (especially in bulk searches) will show the lowest premium level as taken, when not.

Bulk Searching Domain Names

So Tip #1 is search at a registrar that will show you available names when you bulk search at all prices. Godaddy does this in their bulk search, they show reg fees names, than a second list available at premium – but without the price or level. So you don’t know if its $20 or $1000.  Uniregistry allows an easy bulk search in the same search box as one name, so I’ll use them for a couple of scans. The only drawback is somehow they sometimes take one or two of the bulk names – and show you 50 others tlds; might be my data input that is the cause.

So I’ll start with the top 400 words registered in the most extensions. Ill try .app first.

So no surprise that most of the top 500 names registered in the most extension have been flagged, and made premiums. Plus this method requires me to go Tld by Tld. I have used Dynadot to see multiple Tlds for years in their bulk search. You can search combinations up to 1000 names, so either 200 strings in 5 Tlds, or 100 strings in 10 tlds, etc.

Domain Investing Tips

Bulk Search with Dynadot – Enter Strings in First box, then choose Tlds.

So you put the strings you want to search in the top box. To pick Tlds, remove the inputs already in if they don’t match your desired Tlds, and add new ones.  So I’ll keep .biz in there, and add some new Tlds – see more than the screenshot available by scrolling down. If you have made your list outside of the search tool, click “I entered complete domain names”, otherwise leave “choose TLDs to search for”.

So now I’ve added some new Tlds. The order may seem random, but they have tried to put popular or sponsored ones up top. Some TLDs with better prospects may not shown in the top of the list. But like shopping in the aisle of a grocery store, instead of the Special End Caps – your diamond in the rough may be in Tlds who have, or have been given, best placement.You can switch to alphabetical order to see all the available Tlds. Or I use CTRL F to find the ones i want. Here is what I had right before hitting enter.

dynadot bulk search tips

Dynadot Bulk Search Tips

Ok, now the fun part. Scroll down and hit search.

SO… now the un-fun part. Of course all the good words that are available are at premium prices. The registry’s are out to maximize their return also and on the registry side, like when I manage .LA, I need premium names to have premium prices. But try some lists, look for a surprise. Look for a lottery ticket. If somehow blockchain.website is available for reg fee, take it down.

Is it Available? 

Even if you don’t like New Tlds. As I have said on the Sherpa show and many times afterwards, there aren’t any good or bad domain names – just names at good prices and names at bad prices. No one can tell you the best top level domain names available to register. Like going to the mountaintop and asking the guru for advice; you have to ask the registries the question, ” Is it available?” – and they say yes or no.

So if you want to put yourself in a position to succeed, ask more questions. Ask the right questions. One of the reasons I like domain investing at the value creation, or reg fee level, is its a lottery where you don’t have to pay cash money for your ticket, just time and effort.

A warning. Yes “SEARCH” for a lot of names. Got a 5 minute break, pop in some strings and Tlds and see whats available. But then don’t buy immediately. Make a list of the lottery tickers, Find if the registry for that Tld is running a promotion or coupon code. And then wait a couple of hours. How does it look later? Be tough on yourself. Be selective. Send yourself a gmail schedule 2 days from now – see if you still thinks its a one in a million opportunity.

Happy Domaining! and Good Hunting out there.


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