New TLD Treasure Hunting

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Now lets keep going and domain with me and see what I found.  In the prior post  I talked about the possibility of duplicating the success of the investors who bought flipped and had purchased from them and  The value was created in the buy, the fortune and luck brought the sale.  So can you buy some new TLD’s and get lucky yourself?

Part II – What I Found

Most of the available words were taken or premium priced. No surprise.  (I was searching those words taken in the most extensions). Some were available at premium high renewal prices from the registry. Here are the first few that caught by eye.  In the search of words 100-200 in most registrations taken (these strings are taken in 200-300 strings), Solar.Link and popped up.

In the results, games has had the most available names, so that tells me its the least popular.  Again, the angst of domaining, whats you want you cant get- whats available you don’t want.

New TLD Possibles from Bulk Search

New TLD Possibles from Bulk Search – New Tlds

So I added these to my cart, and saved for later (a nice feature at dynadot) See pic for add all to save for later. You might be tempted to buy After-all its the only name registered in 200+ extensions available for reg fee.  And you could say what if i forget, ahh just buy it. But lets use it as the #1 contender and see if another name can knock it off its perch.  By simply comparing names versus other names, you blow past the should I register or not. Are new TLDs going to work?  Lets make that decision at the end of the process. You really don’t know, but you can just try to have the best inventory while you wait to find out. First lets just identify the best available. Treat it as a task, if our job was to find the 3-5 best available, what would they be?  So add to your save for later.

The only way to know if some new TLDs are selling is have some skin in the game.  Use special prices and deals to make it a very small amount of skin.  I wouldn’t put buy it now on these, you want to take all offers and see if there is any traction.

So it will take a bit of patience.  I am running lists of 100’s of the most registered TLDs, I’ve got three more to go before I reach the top 1000 strings. Then I usually run my trendy words, geos and top nouns, colors and animals.  Lastly, I scan vanity names (first and last). Do I have a guarantee of success?  No.  Can I assume everything good is taken? Probably.

OK so I found a three letter taken in about 200 extensions, So the hint I get here is some time after the huge chinese short domain craze, some registries may have returned  all LLL to regular pricing.  Its also possible that since GMO isn’t a chinese premium, some registries don’t count it as a premium price. So my next step would be to find 3 Letter words that are great abbreviations in western countries – and see if they slipped through being registered or priced as premiums.  So GMO is a popular word, but mostly with GMO-Free. So its goes in the cart, saved and I keep looking.

So far the results have proved nothing good available and not at a premium. The registries may be using the same list as I. Its ok to stop now, they may be more fertile hunting grounds. Did I waste time, maybe. But I didn’t lose any money. I didn’t add any junk to my portfolio. Would I do it again? Yes. If I do get a good prospect for reg fee, or low premium price, I’m domaining and i’m happy.

Ties are good in Domaining. Ties help me feel content the next day, not regret. But I’m not done yet. I still have some word lists to run.. and a couple tricks up my sleeve. Tune in next post on this series.


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