Using Domain Names Registrations to Pick the Democratic Nominee?

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Political Domain Names

In the US the news and online advertising is already ramping up for the 2020 Presidential Election.  Each Monday morning on this blog I’ll play around with Verisign’s DomainScope©  and see if we can learn anything from domain registration trends.

DomainScope© shows you keyword trends in domain registrations. For some basics on how to use see our prior post.

So first off can we predict who will be the Democratic nominee from domain name data? I put in the top five candidates, and chose 30 days of data.

Democratic Candidate Domain Name Registrations

Democratic Candidate Domain Name Registrations

Liz Warren for 2020

So Liz Warren may have an advantage because its a popular last name and all registrations are thrown in.  Former VP Biden has a big boost last week, (although could be Hunter Biden domains also). The surprise is “Clinton” gets a big boost on the same day, could this mean Hillary is running again? Some domain registrants and speculators think so.

But back to business. I can also run election themed words to see if registrations are picking up.  One certainly is. Impeachment.

Impeachment Domain Name Registrations October 2019.

Impeachment Domain Name Registrations October 2019.

Impeachment domain registrations peaked the day the inquiry was announced.  Not enough follow through for a speculator to dip in, in my opinion. But registrants aren’t doing badly. On the right side you can see some recent registrations.

Using DomainScope© for Domain Leads

Back to regular words.  Again, you can do your own searches by keywords at Verisign’s Tools website.  Nice to see Verisign using the exact domain as opposed to a double dot or slash. Even though the trend is slowly moving – I see less and less of what would have been used 4-20 years ago, most likely  I think marketers were convinced to use the main domain for the SEO juice. It made it harder and longer to type or remember.

So I ran “election”,”vote”,”campaign”,”president” and “congress”. Results below.

Ok, so its hard to see, heres a bigger chart.

Election Domain Names

Election Domain Names

So “vote” shows up with the most. “Congress” got a big push mid-September. If you look on the right side for registrations, you see a lot of “xxxxxforcongress”, even in .net.

Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Domain Names.

So since I am in Domainscope I also ran some “old” new trends to check on the cannabis space. Here are five keywords and registrations over the last 90 days.

Vaping and Cannabis Domain Name Registrations

Vaping and Cannabis Domain Name Registrations

“CBD” in black seems the strongest. I think vaping may pick up because of the negative connotations, some lawsuit names already being registered.  So in my work, I’ll then take a quick peek at (LDS) to see vaping against an group of top words taken in  the most domain names.

So here are the results for vaping.

Available Vaping Domain Names

Available Vaping Domain Names

More than anything, using LDS for me continually reminds me just how many two word domain names are available for registration.  For you readers, when you think you have a special rare two-word name, but in a not so great combination, LDS is a way to see how many other names are available for your potential buyers at reg fee, making extracting a premium price more difficult.

So I think the first one should really have some pop to earn a registration. Because the names are shown in order of most registrations, you don’t really know how much better the first is than the second, and third. In this case apps is a top word. I searched for vaping apps and saw enough results to consider a speculative registration.  I’m still on the fence. If any of you want to take a run at it, good luck.

So that is my Monday morning, doing what most domain investors do, looking to buy a domain name.  Happy Columbus Day here in the US.

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