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Fortunate for me right in the middle of hunting for some new tlds (see prior posts); Name.com comes out with a new group of FIRST year discounts on a group of new TLDS.  I’ve put in bold those I am looking so far.

$0.99 domains
.club, .space

$1.99 domains
.email, .life, .live, .software, .today, .us

$2.99 domains
.agency, .biz, .co, .guru, .media, .moda, .news, .plus, .style

$3.99 domains
.tech, .center, .codes, .digital, .energy

$4.99 domains

$8.99 domains

For me, its a penny arcade that lets me pay a small “option” fee for the first year for 365 days of resale possibility.  So in most cases, i’m risking $2-$8 down, 50-100x up.  It doesn’t matter how much upside might be there if the name stinks. So be tough on yourself, try to not buy anything without a good 30 minute wait, or overnight.

So going in I’m sour on all but the top tier of new TLDs.  I do have a soft spot and have made out-sized returns on low priced one year registrations that have sold on aftermarkets or wholesale for a profit, in some case 50-100x.

Name.com current discounts make it easier for me to have some inventory. With some low priced inventory I can try to catch lightning in a bottle. The key for me is the more you buy, the more likely you are to break even or lose down the line. Be selective, and really greedy.

I go in with the attitude nothing good should be available.

Here are the deals post, I’ve bought 3 Geo .news names so far.  I’ll probably buy 5 more.  You wont always see the discount price in the bulk search, but check your cart. Lastly, available doesn’t always mean available at the lowest price as many good names have premium pricing.

Leave a comment below if you want me to show which TLD you would like to see some available names. I’ll do a special After the Drop for these new Tlds. With a comment, you can choose to subscribe to our blog to get updates including a “Domain with Me” update to “How I Search for New gTLDs” video i’ll put up this weekend.

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