Happy Halloween. To-Dos for Domain Name Investors


Each end of month day I’ll tell you what I’m paying attention to and my end of the month to-do list for domain investors and domain name owners and those in the Domain Industry.

Namescon Discount. Save 30%. Going to Namescon discount and missed the window for the early registration periods. You have today to take advantage of the Halloween Discount.

Enom move-out.

So Enom has been passed around a bit in the last 4-6 years. Many of us have “reseller” accounts that we used as far back as the club drop days.  Yes, we could create accounts for customers but mostly needed a re-seller account to get the lowest pricing.  Secondly, if you have been  buying names at Namejet, you used to get them in your Enom account. Now Network Solutions.

Now, based on tiers, your pricing may be much higher than your paying elsewhere.  Hello $11 – 13 – 15 – 35.  Transferring out names in bulk is no fun, pretty scary in fact. If your moving to another registrar, get a head start on soon to expire names.   I think they make it impossible to transfer an expired names  so I’m moving everything with expires through end of year now.  If you have time left for expiration, I would consolidate multiple account to make the changeover go smoother.

The main reason to move also is they are migrating to the Tucows platform November 20th. I also was with Tucows forever and price was never their strong suit. But the words that really put fear in my heart was the mention of Hover.

Hover, like many registrars recently has tried to cram websites and hosting into their systems, with domains an afterthought. So it used to be you through you were renewing your domain name, but just renewed the hosting. It was a mess. Maybe its fixed but migration usually for me exposes errors in the back-end on contacts, ICANN rules and best to consider being out before that happens.

Uniregistry – Recalibrate Expiring Name Renewals

I went to Uniregistry because at the start it was a registrar for domainers, integrated well with my domain name sales landing pages, great leader and team and thought they would be innovating.   A couple of things lately (auctioning expired names) and the mystery around new pricing haven’t dissuaded me from moving.

But they have shortened their free grace period renewal period. Its not clear how long because the note that the $10 fee hits 10 days before grace period expiration, but is that 10 days before 45, or some other date.

Now most of your renew on time or early. Truth telling now and being real, I renew late and i’ll take all the grace period I can get.  And judging from the number of Uniregistry expired names auctioned at Dynadot that were renewed last or last minute, I dare say I’m not the only one.  So when the change kicks in November 4th, you may have names already in the $10 extra fee time period.

Deals Deals Deals

Dynadot $5.99 .coms

$5.99 .com registrations.  End today UTC -4.  Take advantage of the $5.99 .COM sale, on now until 2019/10/31 23:59 UTC -4! Note this is a affiliate link.

In some cases if you use the above affiliate link, you may get a $5 bonus if you spend $9.99.  Or email me at page@dn.biz.

Epik Transfers

Some Registration deals may end on October 31st.  FLASH Epik posts $5.99 registrations today only.  Epik has been having some Namepros and other specials as low as 7.49 for transfers. The terms are fluid but many times end of month is the best time to help increase numbers for a registrar.  Shop Epik now. (note affiliate link)

If you know of other deals ending today, please post in comments.

Premium Domain Event at Name.com

Over 1.1M unsold Premium Domains are dropping in price as of early November. Investors and entrepreneurs can be the first to grab these newly reduced domains by pre-ordering between now and Nov. 1, 2019 at 17:00 UTC.

So you can get your list ready to pay the new renewal price for over a million premium names. Or if you want to jump ahead of everyone, today last day to pay the old price, but get the renew price on renewals.

Domain Administration

I usually look ahead to the next month and see if I have any crap registrars where I have won auctions and need to move the names.  Look at least 10 days into November or December for cases where getting the code (Network Solutions) takes 5 days.  No one likes a $55 renewal.

Now look ahead to November and December renewals. Drop prices on names you wont renew to $99 or $199 on the marketplaces and your landers. Once its gone, its gone – get some thing now, its still a win because you can use the money t buy some better names.

Next, I look at what sold in October. Have I confirmed I have removed the name from any of my marketplaces, Afternic, Sedo and Godaddy. (Plus Flippa portfolio, Dan, PerfectDomain.com)

Lastly, look at leads that came in in October and offer encouragement to start a conversation today to meet “my end of the month goal”.  Then I offer a quick last and final price to leads from the prior month.

Optional – Advanced Domaining

Did you know you can sell some names with no risk? Look in the redemption list in your registrar accounts. You and you alone have the right to redeem these names. So if you ever wanted to test doing outbound marketing, with NO risk: Send out some emails or connect with prospects on social media.  You can also do with expired name but watch out for dates they may get snagged when the registrar sells.

Back to redemption names.  Bad news is getting the name back in your account will cost $80-$200. Good news is you keep everything above that amount.

Lastly, on end of month day I review names I’ve dropped in August and September. How many got taken? Am I dropping too many? Was I too tough and do I actually re-like some names that are better than what I am seeing on the drops and expired auctions right now.  Now, I’m a high turnover buyer in part of my portfolio, so this may not be the same for collectors or buy and hold investors, but it works for me.

So busy busy busy but we have the quote form Godfather II, “This is the Business we have chosen”.   For those of you that lasted this long. Who said this line?

  1. So check your emails, how about a .com for $1. Ghandi.net sent me this offer October 9th, good thru November 9th.

    Get your first .COM, the world’s most popular extension, for $1 / 1st year!

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