ccTLD Wednesdays – History and Updates

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The most well known top level domains, .com and .net and .org have made up an outside percentage of domain resales, and attention in the domain space.   The “new” top level domains (nGTLDS) continue to come online and draw attention; and grow and shrink; launch and fail.  There is another category of top level domains we cover at DN.BIZ, Country Code Top Level Domains (cctlds).

Making up 45% of total domain name registrations in the latest Verisign Quarterly report, cctlds might deserve a place on your holdings as a company or investor. Many of the global players in the … Read the rest

Using Domain Names Registrations to Pick the Democratic Nominee?

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Political Domain Names

In the US the news and online advertising is already ramping up for the 2020 Presidential Election.  Each Monday morning on this blog I’ll play around with Verisign’s DomainScope©  and see if we can learn anything from domain registration trends.

DomainScope© shows you keyword trends in domain registrations. For some basics on how to use see our prior post.

So first off can we predict who will be the Democratic nominee from domain name data? I put in the top five candidates, and chose 30 days of data.

Liz Warren for 2020

So Liz Warren … Read the rest

New TLD Treasure Hunting

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Now lets keep going and domain with me and see what I found.  In the prior post  I talked about the possibility of duplicating the success of the investors who bought flipped and had purchased from them and  The value was created in the buy, the fortune and luck brought the sale.  So can you buy some new TLD’s and get lucky yourself?

Part II – What I Found

Most of the available words were taken or premium priced. No surprise.  (I was searching those words taken in the most extensions). Some were available at premium high renewal … Read the rest


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Two different headlines reported sales of a LLL old legacy tlds (.biz) and new tlds (.world). Both were sales of CBD domain names. The intrepid and insightful Raymond Hackney reported on that sold for $90,000.

Tld Investors also blogged that was bought for $1.85, flipped a couple of times – than sold for $20,000.

Who wouldn’t want that type of return?  But half of you would not buy a .biz or new Tld in any case. And the other half are convinced that everything is taken. So game over. Done. Cant be duplicated.  Why even try?… Read the rest

Video – Hand Registration Fee Domains

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Watch and search along with me for hand registration domain names using  See what I buy and don’t buy. Watch to help you become a better domain name investor.

I’m looking at names recently deleted. If this isn’t your niche check out our other videos for Big Name Hunters.


Read the rest

Just the Numbers – Godaddy Expired Auctions

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Over 25% of names on Godaddy Domain Auctions from Other Registrars

Depending on time, I search Godaddy auctions every 7-10 days. This weekend I decided to up my game and track the exact dates I can search and add to watch list at Godaddy auctions.  I haven’t rethought my approach for about 7 years.

The genesis of the thought is I see some of my own late renewing or not renewing names on the auctions – and it seem the dates names could appear varied.

Why every 7 -10 days? Well for me its all about the watch list. Ever … Read the rest

Words in the Most TLDs – Top 1000

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So while not authoritative, I’ve spent some time this week working on a list of names registered in the top number of Tlds.  In the past various data sites could tell us in how many of the old big five (com,net,org,info,biz) a left of the dot string was registered… if we provided the string.

But many great names maxed out at five, or an old school customer from back in the day may have registered and kept renewing all five.  So in picking from top names the metric lost some of its value.

So no doubt you can put a … Read the rest

False Leads and Contact Form Inquiries

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Efty recently upgraded to a Zapier integration which seems to help using other apps.  I am not much of a stay up all night reading the self-service manual on the other apps but the google drive use Morgan Linton highlighted sounds simple. I used to use the trafficZ download inquiries to csv feature years ago and it helped to organize and follow-up.

So thanks Efty, downloading leads to google drive.. might be helpful or sort out fake or foreign spam type contacts. Unless I need to play poker or other distractions.

But the inquiries are good for my self-esteem. So … Read the rest

Part II The Biggest Myth in Domaining

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Part II Of My Introduction to the Biggest Myth in Domaining.

Read Part I here

Oh No!!! I need to sell. 😱😱😱.

The 10 steps start after this post. First a little on the mental and emotional side of domaining, if your not meeting your goals. If things are going great you can skip to the steps.

So back to buying because its the only thing you can actively do, and it makes you feel good.   Your feeling good, you found a nice 2 word category killer, outbid some others and paid $110, and your sure an end user will … Read the rest

Valuable .ETH Names Lost – Perils of the Blockchain Space

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Coindesk is reporting 16 names were lost due to a glitch in a recent .ETH domain auction.  And, because its a distributed environment, there is no way to undo or fix the transaction.

OpenSea, which was running the auction, is trying to fix the problem, at a cost. They are offering a 25% reward for the return. (See link below) My guess is its money well spent for the publicity it will bring from people asking what are .ETH names anyway.

Unless they give the name to the winning bidder, I also predict it will sell for 2-3x the prior … Read the rest