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Referenced Video from September: 15 Minutes

So each day I make my daily Godaddy Auctions plan in the morning.  Try to do these things each morning or night before to help you be ready, in a balanced way, to get the names you want, and have less regret.  Be intentional.  Today’s notes and video are more for lower priced names. Next week I will do a similar post for big name hunters.

Also, Knowing I will do this each day means I don’t have to keep all this information in my head. Its my process that lets me work better when I am on other projects.

When I have identified key times for auctions, I used calendar alerts, scheduled emails to myself, and scheduled texts to myself (if your on Verizon and gmail use schedule email with a custom time and email your phone number

I had done a video in my domain with me series. Its from September.  To see detailed names better use the show full screen.  Its about 15 minutes. You may think you hear music in the background, you do. I tested it for a day, yes I know its distracting.

So here are my goals each day before auctions time starts. I end up with a sheet for the day on real paper. For me, I don’t trust an app to give me the extra notes and exact info I want.   Here is my sheet for today.  I use a downloaded version to excel. Click Bidding, then watching and the blue download button (has an arrow).  I then remove some columns I don’t need, highlight today’s names only, and increase the font size because I need to see. Then, I change the row height so when I look at it there is some space between names for notes and less confusion. I change the print settings so it prints on one page.

Once printed, I can add auctions ending at other venues to make a trusted plan for the day.  Then I keep this because in 35 days many of these will drop and I may take a second look. This is also the only way to know whats names get renewed and disappear, and which names don’t go to closeout so you can judge the likelihood in the future. Otherwise, your watch-list doesn’t help when names are gone. Theres no other way for me to remember, or keep in my head, what was available and “not” on my current watch-list.

Godaddy Auctions Bid Sheet

Pages Daily Godaddy Auctions Bid Sheet

I am looking to, before the auctions start:

  • Identify the names I really want to bid on, and at what level.  Is it a big day or not much going on?
  • Do I have a priority names late in the day I need to save some budget for?
  • Do I have closeouts ending today at $5. The price has dropped to the lowest level. If I want the name, I at least take it down now in the morning or previous night, before others may be looking to buy $5 closeouts today also. Saves me competing on the drop….but only if the name warrants a buy.  You never want a name more than when it goes away.
  • Take a second look at names I added to my watch list, do additional research now, before I am in the throws of auction bidding.  Don’t wait til bidding is at $400 to check trademarks, social media handles.
  • Compare with my personal calendar. Do I have auctions at TDNAM or other great names ending during meetings and time commitments.
  • If time permits, search a little more for some domain snacks.
  • Glance at the next 3-10 days depending on when I did my bulk searching, do I need to save money for a big name or group of names coming soon.
  • And in today’s environment, I need to thoughtfully pick what names I only want if I can get at closeout.  I know I may lose a bunch to Huge domain or other bidders.
    I need to re-look at the appraisal and predetermine if I think its an automatic “gone at closeout” even if  tried to click BUY NOW 1 second into closeout.   But, if I bid late, at the 5 minute mark; it will just start a bot bidding slow drip auction.  Again I encourage you to have a plan to have less frustration. Other wise you will emotionally think you cant win anything. You feel you cant outbid the bidders, and if you wait the automated systems will beat you.  But please, keep bidding. If you walk away and don’t engage  – your just strengthening those other bots and bidders by giving them more names with no competition.  See my prior post.

Hope you enjoy this domain with me short post, and video from September of me doing about the same thing.

Quick question, comment if you can and let me know, too much info?  Helpful?

  1. This is very useful. I wonder however, if the names I see you are catching are making you profitable or not. Is that something you can share? I apologize for crudeness. But are you a five figure profit domainer with names like these?

  2. I got to know about your blog very recently….and checking daily..

    This is very informative and the video is good guide to start at auctions…

    Thanks Page, keep on providing more..


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