What will be on the Top Keywords List for October?

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Can you Pick the Top Keywords for October?

Every month Verisign publishes a list of some of the most upward trending words in domain name registrations in .com and .net.   To make this glimpse at top trending words, Verisign uses some of the same info you can get at any time from their DomainScope product.   We reviewed DomainScope earlier in the year.

So here are my picks for the upcoming report on words trending in registrations.  Play along at home and comment below with your picks. I’ll summarize if you got them right after the reports release.

You can see five names at a time on DomainScope. My first five are:


Shown below are their registration over 90 days. This helps show and illustrate whether October was higher.

Pages Picks for Top Domains Registered in October

Pages Picks for Top Domains Registered in October

Next I’ll go with these:


And for bonus extra credit I added some that I think should be there, and one that would be if they only measured my portfolio.


What is also clear is the big month-end registrations bump.  This could be as certain domain promotions wind down, or other reasons a quarter end might be a good time to have an avalanche of registrations.  Here are the top five words overall and the last 60 days.  See the spike on September 30.

Top Domain Names Registered 2019

Top Domain Names Registered 2019

So in many ways doing registration fee domaining is about choosing where lightning might land. DomainScope allows you to see where its currently landing.

Show me your picks below and I’ll report back with Kudos and Congratulations to those that place their names on the top ten lists.


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