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On our twice monthly Cctld update I’l look at the recent .US Town Hall meeting. My takeaway was a “reminder” during the call that the perception you have to be a US resident or incorporated business isn’t really true.  I’ll finish at the end with some available for registration prospects in the .US namespace.

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.US Town Hall Meeting

.US held their 2019 Town Hall Meeting to review progress and introduce the new Stakeholder Council members (think of it as a mini ICANN).   .US still has a legacy root tree of websites with third and fourth and fifth level names like, or name. Many cities still use these long Urls.

Lori Anne Wardi had done a sponsored post on in July talking about .US marketing.  I’m a fan of TLD Marketing and Lori knows more than almost anyone.  I’ll take any chance to learn from her experience.  Many new TLD’s could also.

Even though the .US marketing ads pop up rarely for me, they seem to be trying hard, and making an effort.  Sometimes I get the sense its just enough to keep the contract going, and usually around contract renewal time. They just got renewed.

Seeing the visuals reminded me how effective marketing can help build a successful namespace. They do it well at .US.

.US Domain marketing Marketing

.US Domain Marketing

So I have always liked the marketing for .US.  We use many of the same techniques for .LA.  Their Marketing Director Kristin Johnson, featured some Veteran Owned Business resources to help Veterans improve their start-up skills.  They have real use across many verticals and they featured some built websites.  Lastly, .US has reached across to their registrants to help with start-up and SEO resources.

There is a patriotic feeling in the USA to Put America First. If .US ever had some helpful tailwinds, it might be now. And you can snag some very friendly first year registration discounts.  Domcomp has Porkbun the lowest at $2.48.

Always looking to grow registrations, the team emphasized that you don’t need to be a US resident or business to have a .US domain name, seemingly going against the spirit of the early marketing.  Apparently you can meet the requirements other ways. The language is now:

“Additionally, any business or corporation with a bona fide presence in the USA may register.”
I think the inexact nature means .US is in effect and open TLD now. Even the Marketing Director carries the Title, Director of Registry Global Marketing.  So I predict an increase in registrations for .US.   I thought possibly something had changed when another industry blogger reported his turned down offers for a last name .US domain. He lives in Europe, as best I can tell.  But you never know.

So I decided to register I was asked and could answer I had a bona fide presence in the US, or if I was an entity with an office in the US.

Back to the Town Hall Meeting. I was able to ask a question, they were nice but I was dismissed quickly.  I have a bias because they never gave the program the energy and effort it deserved. I applied for the .KIDS Tld in the first round in 2000.

Changed at the last minute to Kids Name Act.

Changed at the last minute to Kids Name Act.

I always thought the .KIDS Domain Name Act, which I testified for in front of Congress in 2001 got thrown to the wolves, and was watered down in conference to create a third level,   But Neustar got an extra year on their renewal.  They never really marketed, then it looked like a failure, so they decided to can it. Now they can say it didn’t work…but again – they get the registry renewals.  With all the talk about predatory behavior, and regulating social media – we had a plan to at least protect kids, 15 years ago.

Even now on their Seminar materials they say they are marketing and promoting the space…… except its closed. So they are promoting a closed second level TLD. Now that is a challenge.

The meeting was a zoom conference call. I’m not sure if a replay exists.

I ran some possibles from the last 30 days of deletes in .US. Here are some ideas.
I picked up  Good luck.

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    but some weirdo dotcom Maximalists would say “but you dont own”
    that is so ass backwards. but they are out there!.

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