Bonus Available Names List – Dictionary 1 word .io

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So the .io domain name extension seems to have some popularity, demand and sway among the Silicon Valley and Tech communities. Some domainers have had some success with .io   Some bloggers have hinted they plan to by more in 2020.

On the other hand, the most fearful downside has been expressed that .io may not even be a country at some point. The thought is names “should” still work.

But what to buy?  You can randomly spot .io domains others are bidding on in auctions in the most active postings from godaddy or namejet; or watch the auctions.  The natural selection done by others can point out the valuable names, then it is just a matter of having a bigger wallet to pick up a good name. Lastly, there is dumpster diving. Picking reg fee names no one else wanted.

Available Domain Lists from DN.BIZ

We try to help website builders and domain investors with our drop and available names lists. We do these 2-3 times a week  Check out the most recent and past lists here.  So today is a bonus .io list.

The success point here may be rather than letting what is available guide your bidding, sometimes start from the top. What do you want to buy, and is it available?  Get used to disappointment here. Most of what is good, should have been purchased. And usually whats left, you don’t want.  But its possible .io isn’t a perfect market. Trends change. maybe a name expired at a time when it wasn’t perceived to be valuable.

There are plenty of investors looking of .io and running lists, so be weary.  It is not probable something is left at reg fee.   But there is only one way to tell, look or let me look for you. Check to get the benefits. I have 1 or 2 I like on this list.. but not sure. I’ll wait 72 hours before registering.

Domain Investing Tip

So let us help you. Here are some one word available names in .io.   Each probably has deficiencies. Each may not line up with the tech-centric space where sales seem to be happening.  Lastly, you may need a rise in the overall demand for .io names for future buyers to to consider registering these… and then and THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

You don’t just need your name to go from being unregistered, to being considered register-able. YOU NEED IT TO BE IN DEMAND AS A PREMIUM NAME AT A PREMIUM PRICE.

If you want to consider getting one or two on board try or Dynadot  under $30. Note these may be affiliate links to earn dough for our site and track if these posts get some attention.

Happy Hunting!  (Top name in this list, ranked in order of most TLD’s taken)


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