A Buyers Perspective. Buying Your .Com From ‘Squatters’


Although a two year old Medium post, I think this read gives a pretty good take on the buyer’s side of the domain name process

Buying a Domain Name

Buying a Domain Name for Your Company.

My comments after reading.

  1. Its clear we don’t do a good jump of making the process easy or understandable. The one point that buyers do understand is using an escrow service to complete the transaction.
  2. Buyers still think myopically a world exists where the name they thought of should be available up until the moment they wanted it.  They cant imagine that if I didn’t own their name for resale, someone else could have clearly bought it and be using it. So anyone who buys it first is a squatter.
  3.  They know they need the .com for their company name. They know it. And they seem to take personally they will have to pay more than registration fee.. but the level of their angst just confirms that the .com domain name of a nice sounding word or comboword is valuable.
  4. They will try workarounds to get the best price. And we shouldn’t blame them. Negotiating and trying to gain an advantage at the expense of the other party is business, not personal.   Is inquiring with a fake email address lying..or strategy?
  5. Buying the .com led to more sales for the company. Even the publicity of the re-branding brought sales.  In fact the only downside, is the fact that buying their .com was such a win, they don’t want other business to pay the price…meaning the confirming value is there.
  6. In this case, they saw brokers (or I am assuming salespeople for marketplaces) as not much above domain investors.
  7. Buy your .com before you name your company, unless you can go with a made-up name. My further take….Then you have to read the article about changing your name later.

So here is another example that companies who don’t own their .com want to own it.

This buyer says it best…

“One must buy the domain as soon as the business has the capital to do so while not emptying the bank account. Waiting too long may make the price unaffordable. Too soon and you may buy the domain of a dead company. ” Source “How We Bought the .com for our Company”  Medium.com Max Farrow 10/2/16

Cant We All Just Get Along

My point is in 2020. Can’t we just admit that many good domain names for potential companies are already owned. And some are owned by investors. Most sellers have a lower investments in name than if an owner had paid retail value….. and are willing to sell.  The lower prices asked for  domain names by investors wouldn’t exist if the name a buyer wants was owned by a existing company.

The company wants something of value, and they need to reach a price agreement with the seller.  The price of closed deals is where the two meet.

But as an industry, we don’t make it clear and easy, because we are not sure if will be to our advantage.  The components of a more liquid marketplace may not benefit sellers or registrars more than the current hap-hazard method. I am hoping that changes.

Rational liquidity brings the larger volumes that can add liquidity to domain names. More transactions is higher turnover. Higher turnover changes the game completely and will raise the wholesale values of domain names….. and eventually retail sales prices.

  1. i own Real Estate so i know what the hell a squatter is. these dumb end users need to break the bank if they want a domain name. i dont care if its a garbage gtld. dont complain! everone had the same chance to buy every premium domain on the planet! SORRY YOU STUPID Millennials… you should have been grinding years ago instead of pissing your time away on facebook, instagram, going to burning man and yolo ing at the club. now that you started a business and named it ” TECH” that doesnt entitle you to TECH.COM or tech dot whatever. we are not squatters but you new commers are B U M S! pay up or shut up. sorry Page but im sick of these punks and hipsters who DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT YOU START WITH A GREAT DOMAIN FIRST!!!! then your stupid little idea second!!!!! oh and another thing;;;; “””ooh but we dont need a domain ..we are going to build an app.””” ok dumb Millennial What Are You Going To Call The Damn Thing????? yeah i thought so! DOMAIN NAME FIRST and if aint got the bread dont let the door hit you on the way out BUM!

  2. Speak it brother..or sister. Don’t hold back. I do use same thought to ask myself in 2025 what will I have wished I bought now….and somehow not buy every possible future trend

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