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Domain Sale

Domain Sale

Most of you probably never made it past “New Tlds”. For those who did lets see if we can make some money. I’ll tell you how I have used these discounts and why I keep doing it.

I usually highlight coupons and deals twice a month. This group from expires November 20th so I’m showing early.  Note – This is an Affiliate link

Investing in New gTLDS

The reason I wade into these waters is:

  1. It helps me understand exactly what is going on in the market for New Tlds.
  2. It keeps me improving my processes for finding good New Tld investments for times where new extensions I really do like launch or become popular.
  3. It provides me a chance to have some prospects out there to see if inquiries come, or offers or sales happen at marketplaces.  If I didn’t buy a couple and list and setup landing pages, I would be dependent on others to tell me if these type of names are working.
  4. It a cheap way to try to find some golden eggs.

Best and Worse

In the past I have probably made 50-100 times my initial investment on these promoted purchases. My best success has come when a new TLD has come off a big drop in initial registrations expiring, at the same time it starts get to some commercial appeal… and I get a first year discount  I bought 10 first name .xyz’s on the first anniversary, sold them all and made $x,xxx.  My worse was buying some Geo .me when available, holding for years and then dropping.

So this isn’t a business model. I’m not saying investing in cheap New TLD’s is sustainable. My goal is to sell 1-2 of whatever I buy to be playing with house money for a couple of years, waiting to see what happens.  I don’t “know” these are going to make money. I just want to have some exposure and the first year deal helps me do that cheaper.  Plus I get an idea of what is registered, and hone my lists to be ready for gTLD launches if any tlds I really like get offered.

There is Nothing Good Available

But its also frustrating. Even knowing whats “available” in new TLD’s is difficult. Some registrars will say a name is available, but only at a premium renewal price.  Not all registrars offer strong bulk search on new TLD’s.   I have to assume the registries have access to the same tools I do to catch drops and premium price.  Lastly, if any name was good, another domain investor should have bought it already. All its takes is one other person hunting in the same space to find the obvious register-able name.

So for most of you, if you have other “honey holes” where you are finding names and making money, no need to add some new Tlds you may not even like.

Again for me, I think this process helps whether I register a new names or not. Yet the chance of finding something is a reward for the time. And finding something I am at least happy about owning; and then still “hoping” it will sell is still Domaining.

So my budget is about $100.  Stop laughing, yes I’ll do some work and only spend $100.  Some of you need more scale than that. Some of you need more juice than than.  I’ll come back in six months and let you know how it worked out so far.  My goal is sell at least $500 worth to either keep the cash to buy good $ and not renew anything, or pay for 1 year of renewals and see if I can parley the first year into at least 12 more months of time to get a bid or offer.

For help on how I search multiple names, see my post from last month. Different group of New gTlds.

Also, you can probably take comfort most Domainers are nose blind to an announcement or post like this. They will only buy new TLDs if NameBio and say they are selling.  That is a great strategy for those liquid investors following trends. I am more of a buy and hold, and wait… or drop.

Last Thoughts. Don’t register on first go through. Let yourself get some nice prospect lists. There is probably not any scarcity factor. The available names today are probably available tomorrow.  But like anything in Domaining, every piece of advice is good, until its not.  If you see a $100,000 to $1,000,000 if the two words were in com. Take a quick check of spelling and trademarks and pull the trigger. Just remember, you just spent part of your budget without a second look. You may regret it, even if just $5 later.

Click to Save on New Domain Names

Click to Save on New Domain Names

Ok. Here is the group and some notes.  Shop at Click on the Sale button below the search box I have the deals automatically in your cart.also ways check before paying to make sure, and you may need to remove default privacy added ot each name.


.fun – My perception is it hasn’t been fun for investors. But why assume, I’ll check the numbers.

.club – My co-favorite of all the New TLDS. I will probably end up buying some of their lowest tier (a not available for discount group) also.

.email – I’ll do first and last name for a spin.  I’m still thinking, would I want to be

.life – just ok for me.

.live – Not this one you get two drinks at the bar. Live as in occurring now, Sports.LIVE. Also live as in live-ability, live green. Better at front in those cases

.team – I guess for end-users they can get their own team name, Hard for me as an investor.

.works – who wants to work. Too niche.


.biz – One of the original added TLDs. Your ready a blog on a .biz right now. Millions taken, looking for a total surprise, and I will do some Geos because that is what I do.

.today – haven’t seen luck here.

.agency – One of the most used words at the end of .coms, but I havent ventured in.

.media – Ill look for short brandables and technology types.

.plus – Now i really like .coms ending in plus to match DisneyPlus type naming. Ill need to see at least 20 .plus in the wild by huge companies.

.codes – maybe in gaming, too niche for me.

.technology – Ok so .tech is shorter, but for great one words I’ll spend some time looking at drops and top 4000 words.

.express – uggh

.style – I think this may have some punch. I will probably look at vanity names.


Not highly ranked for me, would have to be an com equivalent that appraised high high high.

  For me only huge billion dollar types of marketing


.nyc – Has residency restrictions and premium names keep the best from registration fee. But if you know New York, you should find some up and coming trends at registration fee.  The best on the list if your in New York City…..and you may have saved five years renewals buying just now.


  1. One of the worst mindsets when considering ntlds is favoritism. In other words, unlike an old mentality of ‘best’, each domain should be judged based exclusively on its own (useful to an enduser) in ‘spanning’ the dot.

    The extension is really irrelevant until paired with a meaningful ‘left side’.

    Domains today, with ntlds, may be better described as ‘click bait’ rather than ‘online real estate’.

    • the fact is GTLD investors like yourself are losing money and dropping your garbage gtlds by the hundreds of thousands. .BIZ is known around the world and is a solid extension. the old mentality is what makes money, the new way with guys like you who fell for the end of the rainbow mirage didnt work. Past Tense its over and there is nowhere for yall to go. you missed the boat on Domain Names. .There is no money in GTLD extensions they are all two word .com domains. example = is really
      gtlds get no type in traffic. N O N E!!!!

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