Internet Society .Org Money Grab, Any Upside?



Surprise, Surprise. ICANN enriches its own.  But, is there any upside? My only hope is a more powerful and well-funded .org can do the things Verisign hasn’t: promote the use of domain names in the face of the takeover of the browser bar by large captive search engines and social networks.

As we detailed before, because Verisign is beholden to shareholders and any marketing expense reduces earnings and could lower their billions in market value; they don’t spend to enforce the benefits of registering and owning domain names.

The .com registry is more a revolving door scheme where subsidized cheap registrations, especially at the end of each quarter, paint a picture of a growing namespace. Yet the percentage of last years cheap registrations that then need to be replaced by this years cheap registrations increases just to keep the numbers stable.

Will .ORG Help Promote the Empowerment Value of Domain Names?

However. ORG does promote the “Purpose Driven” nature of .org and as a private company can focus on building long term value for .org. Hopefully as part of its commitments for a better Internet as part of the Internet Society, PIR will promote the empowerment of domain names in general. At 11.3 Million names, less then one-tenth the size of .com, there is room to narrow the difference in numbers.

.Org Domain Name Marketing

.Org Domain Name Marketing

.NET is the only other registry that could promote the value of domain names, but again, its inside the Verisign stable ….  $22 Billion in Market Cap and they can’t afford a dime for marketing.  The only way I see Verisign finally protecting and spending on their brand is when year over year registrations decline..stock drops 40%,  and they either have to announce a plan, or just go private and keep whats left of the monopoly.

Who else could market the power of direct navigation. The New Gtld operators won’t. They have to meet their numbers and repayments to private equity owners. They are just hoping their own registries survive.

ICANN wont. They took the $200,000,000 from the New TLD’s and kept it to permanently endow their operations and salaries and expenses forever.

Registry operators (and groups like the Internet Society) disparage domain investors, yet without domain investors none would be worth their values today.

Let their be no doubt, the .ORG sale is a insider gift.  The buyer (Ethos Capital) is described as being “an investment firm that helps transform and grow companies in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy”. 

What you wont see is they have been doing that for a whole of maybe 6 months.  Unless its this Ethos Capital.

Welcome aboard Ethos Capital.  Can you help tell the amazing story of the empowerment domain names can bring to any organization, business or person globally.

Looking back, this will most likely be seen as another private equity ICANN participants enrichment.  Can’t blame them as they learned from the best, ICANN itself. Everything will be great until the money being made by these firms could also finally bring in competitors to the ICANN root zone monopoly.

So to the Private Equity firms running the registries, I know you love the golden eggs produced daily by speculative registrations based on what could, and is being done, with domain names. Can you spend some effort and money fattening up the Goose a bit?  Can you help global participants receive the benefits of independent knowledge, exploration, security and the enrichment a domain name connection to the internet can provide?

And to the new PIR/Ethos/InternetSociety millionaires:  Can you peel off a bit of the hundreds of millions you gain to help ensure the essence of your mini-monopoly meets the competitive challenge of those who want to make the internet full of controlled funnels… even if they are entrenched and support the Internet Society also.

Page Howe

    • Icann should be the ones revoking and transfering mismanagement. There are too many games going on with pricing however, Frank schilling uniregistry is a prime example. This .org misgiving with no public offering is another. The corruption is looking you I the face.

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