Wall Street Journal takes on Google Search.


Finally some push back on Google and their search engine manipulations. The Wall Street Journal reports on their investigation of Google today.

Google Search Investigation

The upshot. from the article relating to the “image” of google as helping us all with and non-biased independent search of  the internet.

“That message often clashes with what happens behind the scenes. Over time, Google has increasingly re-engineered and interfered with search results, including through blacklisting websites, pushing its preferred results and editing autofill responses, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation.”

See more here.  WSJ is trying a payment wall, you may not be able to see the full article.

What is ironic is Google search first became valuable when everyone was worried about typing in the wrong URL and having their computer infected. So typing into Google was an easy way to ensure you got to the right site.  Because browser security has improved, I think consumers have a lower fear (and the backup of SSL warnings even help further) of unsafe direct navigation.  So the power of directly marketing and guiding customers to your website (where you own and control you own data and relationship) should be easier to pursue than ever.

Google delivers to me the information I am searching for less and less these days. I don’t think I’m the only one as more and more trusted commentators share the same story. I’ll summarize a list of those who shun the search giant next week.

  1. Their plan is to hide url so they can more legitimately rank their own sites on ntld. I believe 300 per tld is the contractual limit. If history is any precedent, icann will not be enforcing any of rtheir own rules. Don’t sit on your hands and let registries get away with games at this stage in the game. Frank shilling and ethos walks, y’all just gave up the internet. < And Google too!

    I won't get my into Google search atm, as I feel their registry dealings should be the focus of attention, as we are domainers. Search and websites is a deep rabbit hole we should not go down.

  2. https://lifesavings.online/frank-shilling/

    Named ambassador of domains by his friend, “The Domain King”. Frank raised prices upward of 1000% on a dozen ntld a few years back, stripping them from investors and clawing them away, as our websites were just beginning to bud. He now offers 90% discounts on those very domains. He change price irrationally to ruin our future. Icann hasn’t punished any mismanagement as they are the source

    • The new pricing structure benifits a company named huge domains. They own about 1500 registars that ping zone files at a rate governed by Icann. Whoever pays icann to manage 1000s of registars is most likely to register the url after it drops.
      The model encourage pricing change as uniregistry did and is doing is meant to shovel money from the bottom up

  3. I also posted this important article in Facebook.
    Since search is now “the” most important function for navigating the Internet, Google is the greatest beneficiary of that medium and uses its algorithms to suppress or reward those it deems essential to its power and growth. As a near trillion dollar company, its political and economic reach is unparalleled in modern history and burdens the freedom and livelihood of millions of businesses and citizens looking for a sustainable future on the internet.

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