.Com Registrations Surge to All Time Daily Records


.Com Daily Registrations are Surging Higher

Driven by a few very specific terms, .com domain registrations have set all-time records multiple times in the past month.  Dropping name are also increasing as we covered yesterday.

We pulled up daily .com registration stats from provider DomainNameStat.com.

For the 30 days preceding November 13th, rolling 30 day and 7 day registrations were at their highest level ever… by a long shot.  Beginning in September, rolling 7 day daily registration totals have been 20-60% above prior year amounts almost every day.

In fact, of the top ten all time days, almost all have occurred recently including the all time record November 4th. Here are daily domain registrations in .com for the stated day. Source DomainNameStat.com

Days with Daily Registration Totals Above 150,000

4-Nov-19 185,810
12-May-19 165,051
13-Nov-19 162,837
28-Oct-19 156,466
7-Oct-19 154,961
21-Oct-19 154,078
21-May-19 153,874
17-Sep-19 153,510
6-May-19 151,575
8-Aug-19 151,234
16-Jul-19 150,130

My view is the .com domain space is seeing more churn and turnover than any other time since I started buying and selling domain names in 1999.  More and more of the recent registrations are being dropped one year after registration.  Yet registrations are growing from higher and higher levels each year.

Five years ago average daily numbers of 20-30k were likely. So any threat to .com from new tlds on the lowest level of registrations hasn’t happened.  Here are some daily numbers from 2014.

14-Nov-14 17,837
13-Nov-14 28,715
12-Nov-14 30,660
11-Nov-14 28,998
10-Nov-14 29,875
9-Nov-14 27,920

But where are these registrations coming from. In the past 10 years we have exhausted various themes for exact match keywords, number, short names, and brandables. Right now I believe we are in the trend of “potentially” flipable names that might have high appraisals. I don’t think that’s enough to draw in 30-50k registrations per day above last year.

What is driving registration growth?

Last week I posted some predictions of what the most popular keywords would be in the monthly Verisign report. I can already predict what will be on for November.

Yaqibet.com was registered November 9th and since November 1, 35,000 variations of domain names with the word “yaqibet” have been registered. If I look at Dofo.com trends report, 4 of the top 10 words have 30,000 or more registration in the past 30 days.

Recent .COM Domain Registration Trends. Source Dofo.com

Recent .COM Domain Registration Trends. Source Dofo.com

Verisign’s DomainScope shows similar information.

Top Recent Domain Keywords

Top Recent Domain Keywords

The same Yaqibet and YaqiVip have huge 10,000 per day surges on Domainscope.  The word “gated” keeps steady at 2700 a day. When I look at the recent registrations in green on the right side, most look like this. What you cant see is an ending like:

So “gated” and “iag” show up as popular words, yet I can’t find these domains in the totals on Dofo or other sites.

So time will tell if the new registration stats can keep above the increasing drops. Its seems a little unnatural to me to have so few keywords responsible for such a large percentage in the growth of registration. Yet, it also points out the amazing power of the domain name. A connection to the internet that works on every global device.  Its possible building sites, nodes or data gathering and stats domains on the DNS/internet is a better option that an internal intranet. Its this type of use that could drive registrations into the higher millions. Yet its also a gift to the registry operator as each incremental registration has a very low marginal cost.

Full Last 30 Days. Source DomainNameStat.com

13-Nov-19 162,837
12-Nov-19 134,204
11-Nov-19 128,227
10-Nov-19 43,368
9-Nov-19 64,942
8-Nov-19 109,651
7-Nov-19 144,134
6-Nov-19 141,727
5-Nov-19 142,314
4-Nov-19 185,810
3-Nov-19 113,432
2-Nov-19 91,676
1-Nov-19 107,532
31-Oct-19 127,297
30-Oct-19 148,640
29-Oct-19 134,944
28-Oct-19 156,466
27-Oct-19 95,759
26-Oct-19 82,874
25-Oct-19 130,746
24-Oct-19 138,656
23-Oct-19 134,432
22-Oct-19 128,770
21-Oct-19 154,078
20-Oct-19 73,567
19-Oct-19 60,601
18-Oct-19 96,493
17-Oct-19 135,504
16-Oct-19 135,105
15-Oct-19 128,924
14-Oct-19 129,220
Source: DomainNameStat.com


  1. I believe it has to do with the proliferation of scrapers and bots. They’ve became more mainstream and proficient at finding companies that are probably not using the best possible domain. The software alerts ‘domainer’ to shorter .com availability for said prospect.

    • It’s going to be tough to figure out who is “they” with whois blocked. We need to get whois public again, ASAP.

      Like to see something fishy and just another reason to unblock whois? Look up epik numbers on .bible at tld list. 1500 domains, presumably bought by rob monster. Retail cost 60k+

      We must ask, whos domains constantly to avoid corruption. Buying garbage domains through a shell registry is the perfect way to launder money – reg and renew junk, acting like a loony investor. As ntld grow organically, it will be harder to catch “them”.

      • Also, using crypto to buy domains. Epik touts that point. Id hate to say icann should ban crypto payments for domains, but otherwise its too simple for ‘them’. Pretty much everything in place to kill dns. They want .com bad, and icann being the custodian should be the #1 reason to think about the future of .com.

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