Happy Domaining. Are You Ready for Black Friday Domain Deals?

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For Domainers, every day could be Christmas when a $20-$100 expired name auction asset sells for $3-5k.  For Domainers every day could be Singles Day, or Hanukkah, or New Years Day, or Boxing Day because we mostly have to wait for offers to come in, quote a price and collect the cash.  Every day is a holiday.  The work we do in Domaining, especially at the under $500 end is searching, and finding,.. and thats fun and enjoyable also.

On DN.BIZ, We highlight regular monthly deals, like the recently ended Name.com sale.  And many registers run specials all year long like Dynadot and Epik which we show on our After the Drop Lists.  But once a year we also get a chance to buy domain names at discounted prices..Black Friday.

Now if your a Big Name Hunter, this may not be for you. Having sufficient funds alone is one of the keys to buying big names. Be there when someone needs to sell. Secondly, for big names, being able to outbid other buyers that don’t see the monster potential of a name when it drifts above whats considered wholesale pricing is key. More tomorrow in our BIG NAME FRIDAYS post.

Back to the deals. Get ready. You may be on a mobile device, typing in long names is no fun – your responsible for your own typos – and cut and paste is tough, so be ready with a list, and watch-list or pre-loaded cart.  When the text comes that a registrar is looking to gain customers with a com promo, be ready.

So, Will you just buy that days’ dropped names, or see if something might be recalled, at that moment. Cool. You got a great name for a deal. But why not be a little more purposeful and make some “What Do I want” or “This or That” decisions prior to buytime. If you can only buy one name at $.99 which would it be? This process and discipline will help you in narrowing down lists all year long.  Most Domainers don’t take the time to think or choose, its easier to just buy everything.

I try to aggressively pursue certain types of names in these specials, be ready to buy 1, 5 or 100 if a Pre-Black Friday or Black Friday special comes along. Here are the things I’m looking to do.  Many of you say well if you like it for $1-4, you should like it for $8.50.  Point taken.  But if I am buying in scale and I’d like to see if a group of names works and spend only $100-300 for 100 names, as opposed to $800.. i’ve improved the odds.

And if you have been reading our articles on .com and huge registrations, low priced specials may be here to stay all year long. I encourage you to get good at your processes.

Names and Strategies I use:

Take A Second Look at Maybes

I keep daily notepads, Google drive documents and emails to myself of the daily drop. I use these to determine which names I need to pre-bid at drop-catchers, which names I go with value drop-catchers and which I’d rather hand reg and get at my preferred registrar for aftermarkets.  So the end of the year gives me a chance to clean up my work process. I compile all the drop possibles for the year. I may see names that didn’t hit me when dropping, or names I passed on during a heavy acquisition time that now look pretty good. I compile my 2019 lists into one big list, and carve out a group I may do if I could get them cheap enough.

I can tag these names in my database to evaluate my results each year.  I can also adjust where I am looking in 2020 with a review of the prior year.

Explore New Territories

I may also use the discounted registration times to pickup a group of names in a theme where it isn’t clear buyers will come along. I’d rather have 10 names in new Geo+Service category, and see if I get leads or sales, if I can buy at a 60-90% discount off registration fee.  Or look at it differently, I can buy 2-9 names for the same price as a one name to test a new area.  All I lose is what?  Maybe the feeling I am a coupon clipper. Doesn’t bother me.

The only way to know if names have potential have resale value is own the name, and track leads and sales.  If I can reduce the cost of testing areas, I’m in. If I see traction, I can buy more at registration fee.

Back-Up and Related Inventory

You may have a singular word or product name and have wanted to plural to remove a barrier to a sale.  Maybe you weren’t sure which was better when you saw it dropping or in an expired name auction. If its available and you can save money on the pick-up, go for it.

This works for similar spellings of brandables also. You may have a “ou” or “eu” inside a brandable name and want the “ee”. Anything that could sound like your name is a possible risk to a buyer, either because of confusion or an alternate they can get for reg fee.

Extend into Themes

Its never clear just how many names in a certain theme have either retail value as resell-able names; or wholesale value as trading names.   Say you’ve searched the top 5,000,000 dictionary words, and 99% are taken. But of the next 5,000,000 about 10% are available.   Probably 70% of the takens in the least desirable group don’t have wholesale value, just are the last bought up by speculators using lists. But how will you know?

It may not be worth it to grab name # 7,879,400 at reg fee. But buy 10 at $1 each and see how you do 1 year later.

Buy Your Own Drops

So cash was tight or maybe I was in an overly aggressive drop mode during the year. I ask myself at year-end if I went to far. But be careful. If I dropped a name and no one else wanted it, and no end user bought it – do I really want it? Maybe and maybe if its only $1-$4.  Again this is a process that can help you see whats going on in your portfolio. Its scary…. but helpful.


So all of us have good stories about domain name sales. Whether by skill or luck we have amazing examples of bought for $xx and sold for $xx,xxx, or some of us have more XXX’s. Why not have a “bought for $1, sold for $1000” to wow friends and amaze business development partners.

Not Just Domains

Last thought. The deals on hosting are even better at year end. If you keep a just in case I need a web-page hosting plan. Upgrade to a better plan or take one on with a Black Friday hosting deal.  Also gives you a great base for wildcard emails.

So I encourage you to don’t knock the discounts, but be ready with a plan. And if your shopping for that new Christmas present on Black Friday, don’t rely on chance to register something. Have some ideas pre-loaded, it makes it easier and you will be doing Happy Domaining.


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