After the Drop 12.27.19

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Here are some available Names.

Happy Hunting… Read the rest

End of the Year Deals

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Some After Christmas and End of the Year Domain Deals.

Your regular job office may be closed. Family out shopping. Time to buy some names.

Now my first recommendation is still invest 2 hours in understanding what you own, and what you want to own in 2020. Also bring all your names together in a spreadsheet. Makes it easier to upload to aftermarkets, search for names and know whether your sales have tilted your portfolio downwards in quality.

But everyone likes to buy.

.COM Domain Specials

 (Many of these are referral codes with affiliate compensation to me) looks to Read the rest

Namescon – Cheaper, but a Leap of Faith

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Ok so I’m negative on Namescon again.   Can’t wait to meet domain investors needs in other ways in 2020.  With Namescon’s new discounts announced this morning, you could be going, with a friend for less than the price of regular ticket. Of course is a shorter show, no meals and no idea who is speaking.

Buy one at 30% off, and get a free ticket is how it reads.

Panic price drop, I can’t tell? Of course this usually signals weakness in attendance, and can lead to disgruntled purchasers (ok me) who bought at the last deal price.

Add to … Read the rest

100 Strings Taken in the Most Extensions

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I use in how many extensions a left of the dot string is taken to separate platinum from awesome from great from good domain names.  Its not a guarantee but helps me see what domain investors are taking in every possible extension.

Here are 100 of the top words or strings. I’ve culled this list from all domains with any TLD appended available in a pending delete name, a name listed at Uniregistry or Godaddy Auctions.  I’ll refine it again by year end to include other lists.

So far I’ve found almost 19,000 words or strings taken in over 100 … Read the rest

Oil Wells and Domain Names


Buying domain names can be an obsession. As we have seen recently Verisign is worth billions, and .org is now worth billions also, because of the amazing potential and possibly profit to be made owning domain names.  I have seen similar attributes in investing in oil and gas wells, land and acreage.

It all happens because we assign real money to potential value, even if never realized.

When I used to evaluate tax advantaged investment for clients in the late 80’s, like oil wells, we would evaluate oil wells and fields based on certain categories.

For oil, this meant proved Read the rest

No More Verisign Blog Top Ten Lists. Yacaibet gets 40,000 registrations?

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Verisign Blog Monthly Lists Haven’t Been Issued Since August

Over the past few years Verisign, on their blog, has reported some Top Ten lists of keywords or strings registered in .com and .net.  This hasn’t always been the most registered names, just names trending up compared to the past.  I haven’t seen a list since a September post for August domains.

I posted about my predictions for the Top Ten Lists for October and how some words that didn’t make sense were showing up… and some trademarks.  Some unique words started to appear like gate, quibet, yacai. Some of these … Read the rest

Head to the Beach. Best Available Names Special .ORG Edition


Our After The Drop series show you recently dropped and available domain names for investors and website owners.

Its colder weather in the northern hemisphere but you can feel like your on the beach with or,  if your the first to nab.

In our best available names series, we present the best dropped names still available. See past issues here. Normally we are only .com but with .org in the news, we did a .org edition today.

So doubt, what lefts is never the best. Yes would be the best (and is available for hand reg).  … Read the rest

Not Just Traitors, .CA compares .Com Users To Sex Offenders


ccTLD Updates. .CA goes negative and .CO In Dispute

The .CA Authority has “gone negative” in their promotion to encourage registration of .CA names for Canadian residents and businesses.  While the first set of ads encouraged patriotism and logic (Showing stats Canadians prefer .ca); now its full-on guilt and shaming.  Using a term from Political campaigning where a candidate attacks their rivals, this is called “going negative”.

.CA’s recent advertising called .com registrants traitors and suggested they are similar to registered offenders.  They were running commercials in Canada with police chasing .com registrants. Hey don’t hold back, tell me what … Read the rest

Godaddy Investor Pitch – It Ain’t That Easy Folks


Godaddy has moved all in on investors and if you’ve been profiled as an investor, you see this login page.

If it were only that easy. I think it would be more accurately described BUY REPEAT MAYBE SELL.

get the point.. BUY BUY BUY BUY and maybe after 1000 names you will get a sale.

So for most investors its:


The reason I started this blog is I’d … Read the rest

Sell More? Domain Related Year-End and Tax Issues

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Year-end can be a great time to sell domain names. Revisit your clients in December with these thoughts in mind.

Year-end time does bring some “look back” thoughts. Picture your potential client thinking “what did I intend to do this year?”.  Most of us procrastinate and don’t meet our own goals. Engage them to let them make a big move at the end of the year. Catch them trying to knock off as many to-dos as possible, including acquiring a better domain name.

December can be a slower work time, so your CEO and Decision Maker clients may have some … Read the rest