Steyer Buys Trump Slogan Domain Name


Democratic Candidate Tom Steyer bought the domain name

As reported on Billionaire Tom Steyer, polling above 5% in the race for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, now owns the domain name

The name was first registered as far back as 2004. Most recently ( 2015 Registration) it was site selling clothing, with a possible trademark.  It was run by a self described “couple of guys”.  I’m thinking Steyer made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Not the Godfather kind, but the Randy Moss kind… straight cash.

Screenshot for Keep America Great.

Screenshot for Keep America Great.

We are just a couple of regular Americans who want to do our part to keep our great country the greatest on earth. Join us by buying our American-Made products, supporting our Veterans, and spreading a positive message to Keep America Great. TM  

Coming from military families we believe that we owe everything to our veterans who sacrificed so much for our way of life. In this vein, we donate 50% of our proceeds to Fisher House, one of the best known non-profit groups dedicated to helping veterans and military families who need assistance. America wouldn’t be possible without them and we owe it to them to give back.  

Our Country is great, let’s Keep it that way!

There is a Live trademark for “Keep America Great” for T-Shirts

And the Trump Re-Election Non-Profit,  Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., owns  trademarks for various other classes.

Wonder if Steyer could lose a UDRP for the name.

Is there a live Trademark, YES.

Did the registrant, immediately before purchasing the domain name have a business interest with this name. NO.

But I guess when you have a billion dollars and are potentially using the primary election run to simply runs ads against Trump, your probably not looking to sell to the Trump Camp.

It will be interesting to see if the mostly critical Trump Campaign press for buying other candidates names will be similarly reported in this case.

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